Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Talentless Margaret Wente Resigns From Wingnut Welfare Position

My faith in this country has been minimally restored from hearing that talentless, plagiarizing, racist, lazy-assed fuckface Margaret Wente has resigned from Massey College's Quadrangle Society. I first heard a couple of days ago how University of Toronto professor Alissa Trotz resigned from the nomination board in protest over the opaque process that allowed this blight on humanity to corrupt the academic community with her stupidity and arrogance:

Trotz's actions inspired fellow professor George J. Sefa Dei to resign as well. Around the same time students concerned about the reputation of their place of learning launched a petition to have this shameful decision reversed.

I'm willing to be charitable to Wente and assume that she's capable of feeling wounded at the realization of how toxic her reputation is to decent people. Still and all I'm pretty sure that her decision to resign arose mainly out of laziness. She probably thought this position would provide her with an opportunity to gab with educated people on topics informed by her ancient BA in English and her decades long career of pulling arguments and facts from other people's writings as well as from out of her own stinky ass. But that bit of pleasant distraction from her retirement was now going to be more trouble than it was worth as her "Fellows" of the Quadrangle Society were now probably going to either shun her or make hers establish herself as worthy of her position. (And she most assuredly was NOT worthy of this appointment. This position was provided to her by the same Canadian establishment elites who subsidized her entire career of brazen lying and plagiarism. The same people who endorsed stephen harper for prime minister after he had repeatedly defecated on all the foundational principles of parliamentary democracy. )

Wente managed some laughable hissing and snarling as she exited from the scene:

"The College has now received a letter from Ms. Wente stating that she does not wish to be a member of the Quadrangle Society, that the accusations against her are false and outrageous and that her record speaks for itself," the governing board said in the message.

Yeah, whatever Wente. Your record DOES speak for itself. You had no right to be associated with a prestigious institution of higher learning. Congratulations to Trotz, Sefa Dei, and the fine students and other petitioners at U of T for mobilizing to send that entitled, arrogant piece of garbage packing. It's a small victory but one that has eliminated the cumulative rot and pollution that Wente's presence would have had on that institution.


lagatta à montréal said...

Bye Bye wente and good riddance.

At least we have reason for celebration, despite National Indigenous Peoples' Day and La fête nationale du Québec (for me, not for the big bash, but for remarkable neighbourhood celebrations) being pretty much cancelled. I will raise a glass of something (if wine, cut with bubbly mineral water, as it is too hot to drink it straight - in Italy, this is common and not at all uncouth, on the contrary).

It is fucking tropical here! I mopped my back balcony and kitchen floor and am drenched!

thwap said...


I have no idea what's going to happen. Global heating, a deadly pandemic. At least our society managed to think twice about validating the career of that monster Margaret Wente.

I'll put an ice cube in a glass of white wine. I don't care if it's couth or not.

lagatta à montréal said...

Of course you can! I was mocking the wine snobbery of some people who have no idea about how "ordinary people" in wine-producing countres eat and drink. Wente is obviously one of those. An ice cube is as common as chilled flat or bubbly water. They want to enjoy their meal, not pass out.

I like heat, but the record heat where I live is really far from normal. And we've seen it far norther here, and in Siberia.

A judge has actually forced Bolsonaro to wear a mask in public appearances. There is evidence that one of his sons was involved in the death of Marielle Franco. I never met her, but very close Brazilian friends have worked with her.

thwap said...

Bolsonaro: Further proof that "conservative" policies kill.

The sort of mind that votes for that garbage should not be enabled.

lagatta à montréal said...

You might like this one https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jun/25/it-got-to-38-degrees-in-the-arctic-civilisation-is-burning-down

thwap said...

It overwhelms me to be perfectly honest. And then I think about how that imbecile Wente liked to glorify herself by using words like "skeptic" and "contrarian" and "iconoclast" to describe her stupidity on that topic.

lagatta à montréal said...

Global heating (and other dire effects of anthropogenic climate change and good old pollution) deniers are criminals, complicit with ecocide - and genocide. Very poor people in slums and indigenous people are the worst affected. Bolsonaro, of course, deliberately encourages murder and cultural genocide of indigenous people as he supports destruction of the Amazon - WTF! I'd love to do a "Great Dictator" sequel based on the Mar-al-Lago meeting between Trump, Bolsonaro and related scum and toadies, just after COVID-19 began to spread.