Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just a Reminder ...

From "A Tiny Revolution" about complaining about bad journalism:

Of course, in terms of helping people learn about the world, they are an eternal catastrophe. But why would we ever expect any different? The mainstream media is made up of gigantic corporations. Like all corporations, they manufacture a product, which is their audience. They sell this product to their customers, which are other huge corporations.

Informing people about the world is not just irrelevant to the purpose of making money, but in many ways actually HURTS a corporation's profitability. No business goes out of its way to piss off its owners and customers.

So we can complain about lies, bad journalists, and what-not, but we mustn't see this as inexplicable. It's called capitalist media, and it serves a purpose.

The thing to do is to work seriously at replacing it, and the conditions that foster it.

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