Sunday, September 16, 2007

No New Info on our Prisoners in Afghanistan?

The NDP's ten-days to find out where General Hillier got the idea he was empowered to censor access to information on Afghanistan have long past. I haven't heard back from the NDP about what they plan on doing next.

And we Canadians have been pretty quiet about this. Too busy expressing outrage about the US in Iraq.

Speaking of which, I wonder if any antes are being upped with the US protests against the war today?


Anonymous said...

And I wonder if your ass is till hurting from the shit-kicking you got from the moderator at

Man, did you ever come off as a total idiot. Unionist really gave it to ya, UP DA ASS!!!

I like unionist. He's cool.

thwap said...


I get it. Not having anything to argue from the last post, you're taking out your frustrations by talking about ass-fucking and other stupidities, as commentary to a post about Canada's complicity in torture and the illegitimate suppression of evidence of same.

What a contemptible specimen you are.

Anonymous said...

sorry, asshole, but you've got the wrong 'anonymous'. keep smokin' the leftoid crack!!!

thwap said...

Sorry you're too fucking lazy to give yourself a pseudonym so that I can tell all the morons apart.

You still don't have anything to say.