Friday, September 21, 2007

Why I Hate "Conservatives"

Actually, there's probably some people who call themselves "conservatives" that I wouldn't mind. But there's also a group of people who apply that name to themselves who are positively loathsome.

These are people who vote for morons like Mike Harris, Stephen Harper, Stockwell Day, and bush II. And who remain proud of that fact long after the vast majority of people have decided that such a decision was a stupid, destructive one indeed.

I don't really have the time to say anything profound, positive and new these days. So, like many leftists, I'm spending my time bitching about US "conservatives" and this particular story just sticks in my craw that I can't help myself.

From "Sadly, No!" I find out about this doughy pant-load named Jason Mattera, who has bravely opted-out of the war in Iraq (where, if you've been following the news, the US troops are stretched to the point of exhaustion) to fight the all-important "culture war" for "conservative values" on US college campuses.

In other words, Mattera is a chicken-hawk and an idiot, and a hypocrite, and all manner of disgusting things.

On the "Sadly, No!" entry, it's related how Mattera has responded to the dropping of charges against four of the eight marines implicated in the Haditha massacre, by taking a camera down to the US Senate building to go after US Democratic Congressman John Murtha who had said the following at the time:

"Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood, ... This is going to be a very, very bad thing for the United States."

Murtha is a former marine, who had served in Korea and Vietnam. He's a hawk on defence appropriations, and he retains close ties to the US military. I probably wouldn't like him. But the thing is, he's at least consistent and honest enough and human enough to acknowledge when US personnel have gone bad, why they did so, and to recognize that this is appalling, shameful, and tragic. It's really a no-brainer.

I recall some massacre apologists on the now defunct whining that Murtha's outburst had damaged the marines' chances for a fair trial, which was basically their trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug. ("Can't talk about it because of the trial." "Wait for General Petraeus's report." "There's an ongoing investigation, so I can't comment on it." -- more stalling bullshit.) But that was the most restrained criticism of Murtha on the right. "Shit Skidmark For Brains" (AKA Michelle Malkin) attributed a burning hatred for "the troops," "America," and everything else that the "Gathering of Eagles" human garbage pretends to hold dear.

So, again, now that charges against four of the accused have been dropped (God knows why), our doughy chicken-hawk Mattera waddles down to "confront" Murtha, and, ... well, watch the video:

It's difficult to really know what to say, isn't it? Murtha never accused specific marines. He said that some marines killed civilians in cold blood. Murtha blamed their stress and exhaustion due to their impossible "mission" in this misguided invasion.

As should be well-known, the marines went berserk after a roadside bomb exploded under their humvee, killing their driver. The surviving soldiers went on a rampage:

Aws Fahmi, a Haditha resident who said he watched and listened from his home as Marines went from house to house killing members of three families, recalled hearing his neighbor across the street, Younis Salim Khafif, plead in English for his life and the lives of his family members. "I heard Younis speaking to the Americans, saying: 'I am a friend. I am good,' " Fahmi said. "But they killed him, and his wife and daughters."

The marines went into three houses, one after another, and shot everyone inside. Three houses, simply unfortunate enough to have existed near a planted roadside bomb. Three innocent families (and towards the end of it all, four male students and their taxi-driver, who turned a corner, saw the carnage, and attempted to flee only to be fired upon by a barrage of bullets. One house, right after the other. No fire was received from these houses. Each house was found to contain only innocent men, women, and children.

Who does Maretta think killed those Iraqis, now that the charges have been dropped against four of the eight? Did they kill themselves? Did little fairies do it? No, Maretta, you pathetic, pathetic fool, ... US MARINES killed those civilians. Murtha at least can accept this reality.

You, Maretta, are just some smirking, useless, stupid piece of shit.

Check out those comments at the original youtube site for the Maretta/Murtha video:

Murtha is an old fool. Done. Insanity and hate is what drives that mean senile old fart. His hate of Bush incorrectly gives him an excuse for calling our troops murderers. Murtha should be imprisoned for sedition.

fucking coward Murtha! just another DEM traitor!

Murtha is a terrorist loving moron

Murtha's a pussy. Even if the charges were not dropped he shouldn't besmirch our troops. This is war.

Murtha should be shot. He has no right to hold the office he has.

Excellent slam dunk!Jack Murtha should be stood down from congress immediately and should now be tried for treason!

What happens to the "marketplace of ideas" when there's garbage like this in it, screaming louder than all the rest?


Anonymous said...

"You, Maretta, are just some smirking, useless, stupid piece of shit."

"What happens to the "marketplace of ideas" when there's garbage like this in it, screaming louder than all the rest?"

You wouldn't recognize irony if it bit you on the ass.

thwap said...

You don't recognize your own shit when it comes out of your ass, you stupid fuck.

btw: I recognize the point you're trying to make. It's just that you're so fucking clueless that all your hardest work deserves the garbage can.

Sorry about that sport. It must be a helluva life, the pissant existence you're condemned to because of your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I'm stupid, but you have to try to convince me that you understand my point? LMFAO.

Buy a fucking dictionary, shit-for-brains, and look "irony" up while you're at it. It's no fucking wonder that you nutroot assholes are laughed at by anyone with a brain.

thwap said...

What's amusing is that intellectual bankrupts such as yourself, not able to even start arguing from facts and logic, type these puerile attempts at snide derision, as if your opponents are supposed to care what some anonymous poster they'll never meet thinks about them.

It really doesn't mean anything to me at all. H'okay?

Come back to me when you've got something to say. Or else just go back to Mattera's butt-crack and stay there.

Anonymous said...

No, what's amusing is watching you pretend to be "intellectual" when you can't recognize things like irony. And if anonymous opinions don't bother you, why are you so easy to bait? LMFBO!!

thwap said...

You've left a comment on my blog that I thought I'd take up.

It doesn't mean that I care whether you like me or not.

Is that clear and explicit enough for you? Or do you lie on your bed at night after seeing one of my replies and swoon: "He LIKES me! HE REALLY LIKES ME!!!" and I'm spoiling your fantasies?

It's also possible to think that someone is stupid, while simultaneously telling them that they get the point of their alleged argument.

To whit: I understand your argument, but I think it's stupid, and I think you're stupid.

Now, this has been fun and all, but since you've made it your debating point that my responding to you is a validation of your worthless existence, and I don't want to do that, I'll simply delete your stupid drive-bys.

If you actually have an argument, I'll give you the time of day.