Thursday, July 17, 2008

Differences Between Canada & the United States?

Maybe. Maybe the Canadian political system can rise to the occasion and take out its own version of the "conservative" vomit that became a political movement here in North America.

The ongoing investigation into the dodgy-looking Conservative electoral advertising financing just might bring down Stephen Harper's attempt to copy stupid ugly Karl Rove's putrid practices to Canada.

You see, in the USA, there is no opposition party, just some compromised shmucks called the Democrats, who couldn't stand up for democracy if their lives depended on it. Because of this, the Repugnicans have been able to get away with every manner of crooked politics and political arrogance. The most blatant, insulting scams imaginable get a pass and there appears to be little that any institution can do about it.

But here in Canada, we have a less debased political system, and therefore the natural ruling party is the less obviously rotten Liberal Party. Because of this, Harper and the CPC's attempts to obviously violate election financing rules aren't getting the free pass that their fascist brethren get in the USA. And they're hating it!

Fine then. Let's hang that party, and the whole political movement comprised of dupes, dweebs, and fuck-ups with it. Grow the fuck up you losers. You're not in the USA, you're in Canada.

Remember, Karl "turd blossom" Rove LOST both his presidential elections, AND the 2006 Congressional elections. He's not a genius. He's an idiot. Adopting his methods in a country where you don't hold all the cards is political suicide.


trog69 said...

Hey, wait a minute. Rove's success in portraying everyone left of Tom Delay as traitorous scum has a lot to do with the appalling TV news and newspaper pundits' hatred for Al Gore. The constant lies and propaganda put out by Rove and his ilk was eagerly echoed by the very people we assumed were being objective parsers of the truth.

"Yeah so what?" you ask. Well, your most recent article talks aboot (hehe) how the TV crews were absent from the demonstration. Sounds like the Canadian Press is learning, just as our White House "Correspondents" figured out, that antagonistic questions are anathema to entrance to the dance. "Play ball, and we'll get you some real scoops." is now the game, as the reporters on the "Straight Talk Express" have illustrated so well.(Badly)

I don't know how we'll manage to keep the lines on the internet open, as the main ISP's are working hard to corral us progressives to the hinterlands, and tiered-pricing schedules seems to be one method in the works; Others will be attempted, have no doubt. Until then, I think the 'net is vastly more important than in the previous elections, and while we can still gang up on the fucktards, we must do so. Countering the lies is our main weapon right now. As I said though, if the netizens win this election, (The lack of real choice for us yanks, notwithstanding.) the battle for net neutrality will begin in earnest, I bereave.

thwap said...

Regardless of the US press corps' love for Rove, Drudge, McCain and all that other shit, the fact remains that "turd blossom" managed to lose both elections for his imbecile-candidate.

True, the rot is deep in your country, where a dunce like McCain gets to run on his one-trick, international affairs, wherein it's proven time and again that he doesn't know what he's talking about.

The fact that he's even a candidate is appalling.

But your country is going into recovery mode. Just like ours is. T'will be speeded along by Barack Obama's gutless betrayal of the decent people and his blatant sycophancy to the corporate elite.

I think some of the US electorate is getting well-nigh sick of continual betrayal.

trog69 said...

Indeed and a half, my friend.

trog69 said...

I gotta say, I had to stop reading Glenn Greenwald, 'cause he's really nailing the shit, and it's scaring the fuck outta those of us paying attention. When a former Constitutional lawyer, familiar with the SCOTUS tells us how much Congress and the President are tearing off pieces of the Constitution, I tend to believe him.

Mentarch said...

Same here ...