Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello " American Muslim NOT Muslim-American"!!

I'll answer your second "comment" here, rather than in the comments section of the original post.

First of all, your link to "muslims against sharia" clued me into the fact that you're a fraud. Yep, a fraud. I notice Checking on that later, I was amused to find a description of your whole modus operandi:

MAS' m.o. is apparently the following: post a troll/spam comment, troll some more and/or thereafter degenerate into spewing foul-language, profanities, insults and/or threats (6th Principle of Incompetence, anyone?).

The long and the short of it, my foul, stupid friend, is that your front group was a good idea, but like everything else produced by your political (bowel) movement [the invasion of Iraq, the "surge," your entire nitwit-hero president's entire administration], it's been a failure. That's because you're all so incredibly stupid. And because you're so stupid, I don't have to waste much more time on you.

Of all your deranged yammerings, I'm only going to respond to one. I pointed out that NATO has been killing more Afghans than the insurgency and you replied:

"As I might have mentioned before, when one dumbfuck repeats another dumbfuck's bullshit, it does not make it true."

How about Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan?


Balbulican said...

Good grief. That bunch of neocon trolls is still pretending to be a Muslim organization?

Kiddies, you've been busted so many times that even your amusement value has declined. If you want to continue pretending to be Muslim, may I respectfully suggest you try to make your site look a little LESS like every other rabid neocon cat-litter box online?

Mentarch said...

Congratulations, Thwap!

It is amazing that MAS sill keeps on doing their typical trolling. Like Balb said: they have been busted so many time, they are becoming boring.

And of course, as utter incompetents, they are so predictable ...

I wonder what they will do when they have to answer charges for their cyberbullying and issuance of threats?

LeDaro said...

These people are indeed fraud and may be worse than neo-cons. Maybe KKK. Nasty and ignorant.

thwap said...

Thanks people.

When you consider the enormity of the stupidity on display here, from bush II on down to this MAS abomination ["I'm a reasonable Muslim you stupid fuck-wit!!!!"] it's maddening to think that these fools obtained any power whatsoever. To think that their actions have produced a major war with millions of victims, says something about our political system and us as a species I think.

trog69 said...

Even discounting the obvious vote-tampering and the like, the bottom line is that millions of Americans voted for these imbeciles not once, but twice. Now we see the same thing happening with McCain. I really think this fucker is trying to take a dive, but the utter inanity of the US general population just can't abide a reasonable representative government. Kinda funny how they love that authoritarianism, even if they can't spell it.

MAS, wow, I can't believe those stupid asses would dare show their faces after the spanking they got from the blogosphere. Takes all kinds, I guess. All kinds of hatred and lies.

Mentarch's 8 Principles of Incompetence is perfect!

thwap said...

1. McCain trying to take a dive: That would explain how a guy could occupy such a high-level position and demonstrate such obvious ignorance and stupidity.

But I think it's just inexplicable. I mean, the guy did take that idiotic trip to the Baghdad market with the battalion of troops to "prove" that it was safe, and he did grovel before bush II and Bob Jones University, so I think he actually wants the job.

2. Mentarch's 8 Principles of Incompetence: - I think I'll write a response to that one. I was kinda won over after a bit. (My next post will probably be some sort of cheap toss-off after all my hard work this week. ;)

American Muslim, not Muslim-American said...

As I might have mentioned before, when one fucking retard repeats bullshit uttered by another fucking retard it doesn't become true. But you must be a really degenerate fuck to quote an example that refers to an exception to dispute the rule. Talk about being a fucking moron!

thwap said...

Oh ha-ha-ha! Do you even know what the hell that means??

trog69 said...

american neo-con, not muslim-american said...


Hey, he's you're guy, don't blame us for him not following the script.

thwap said...

Considering that NATO has been there for SEVEN YEARS and the "Taliban" and/or insurgency has increased during that time, laughing-boy's claim that we're making the place safer is a little bizarre.

trog69 said...

Well yeah, if by bizarre you mean "par for the course".

American Muslim, not Muslim-American said...

"Considering that NATO has been there for SEVEN YEARS and the "Taliban" and/or insurgency has increased during that time"

Taliban ruled most of Afghanistan seven years ago. Now in most parts of the country girls are able to go to school. Only a fucking moron like you would consider that an increase. If it weren't for pussies like you who bitch and moan every time assholes like Khadr are not put up at the Ritz, the Taliban would have been history by now. Why don't you talk to regular Afghanis, you dumbshit, if you want to know what they think about NATO.

thwap said...

I posting your idiotic comments simply for their entertainment value. Cases-in-point of your total intellectual bankruptcy.

Tell me dip-shit, just how does my bitching and moaning, half a world away, have any impact on the relative successes of NATO and the Afghan insurgency? Even the bitching and moaning of all of us pussies has nothing to do with anything going on there.

Troop levels are down because the respective governments don't want to pay for the financial and political expenses of occupying an entire country.

trog69 said...

I'm positive that no true Muslim would do anything other than try to protect this boy, who never had an opportunity to live as a normal child, but instead was indoctrinated in hate and violence. You show your hand by denouncing him, liars.

thwap said...

He shows that he's a complete fucking moron anyway. I notice he's moved from discussing Khadr to pontificating just as incoherently about the occupation in general.

There were only two or three "right-wingers" (or whatever) who ever gave me a run for my money here, and they all ended up tripping over their inherent insanity eventually.

trog69 said...

Sounds very similar to the Christians who come to "debate" at the Atheism vs Christianity group. The moderate theists have much better debating skills than ANY of the Fundies, but even those with some sense of decency and common sense, must concede in the end.

Today's right wing is a caricature of any supposed "opposition" to leftist, progressive stances. I only wish the general public could be made aware of how completely deranged the former "Conservative" spokespeople have become. They speak only for the 28% that worship Bush and his legacy, yet claim the entire non-left as their 'base'.

Nostradamus said...

funny. khalim massoud is a LUNATIC who called a jewish woman on my site, who is a doctor who has treated palestinian, and is pro pales6tinan "a nazi cunt"

He's a lunatic. I was born a muslim> I am against sharia.

It kind of sucks that a RIGHT WING lunatic is representing me.

He has been sending me quiet vulgar emails from sometime now, calling me a cocksucker, and refuses to debate rpolitics.

Just like all other right wing lunatics, he just wants to call names and insult