Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Malalai Joya Interview

In case you missed it on CounterPunch:

The USA wants the things as they are.The status quo. A bleeding, suffering Afghanistan is a good excuse to prolong its stay. Now they are even embracing the Taliban. Recently, in Musa Qila, a Taliban commander Mulla Salam was appointed as governor by Karzai. The USA has no problem with the Taliban so long as it’s ‘our Taliban’.

I've been busy.


b_nichol said...

Hmm, wasn't Osama bin Laden one of "our" Taliban during the Soviet occupation of the early '80's?

I wonder how well that worked out...

thwap said...

The USA has no problems with the Saudi-backed Wahhabist fanaticism that was taught with US tax dollars in Pakistan, why should they necessarily not like the Taliban, 'eh?