Tuesday, August 26, 2008

King of Ruins?

Obama got a lot of people excited about his vague rhetoric for (apparently) progressive "change." A lot of young people, rightfully disgusted with US politics came out and said they'd vote for him. So too did a lot of older, demoralized, cynical US-Americans. With their help, Obama managed to win the contest for convention delegates and, therefore, the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

That over with, Obama quickly veered right, towards what those imbeciles who badgered him about lapel pins have established is the political center. He veered F-A-R right. Promising Israel an undivided Jerusalem, promising more troops for Afghanistan, and signing the nauseating FISA-immunity bill. Surprisingly [note: that was sarcasm.] Obama began to sink in the polls. [note: sarcasm continuing.] How could this be? Who was abandoning him? The undecideds who hadn't decided to support him yet? Angry Republicans? White racists? OH! Waitaminnit! Progressive and youthful idealistic US-Americans who had rallied to his empty words! What to do? What to do?

Obama quickly decided: Continue to pander to the ignorant buffoons who still think invading Iraq was a GOOD IDEA!!! Forget totally that this Washington beltway clique doesn't constitute any sort of voting bloc, and that their inane yammerings are pretty much ignored by the majority of US-Americans, and forget that they're pathetic, ridiculous hacks and creeps. Take to heart their murmurings about your lack of foreign policy experience and pick a guy who thought invading Iraq was a good idea until 2006. Pick Mister Bankruptcy Bill 2005 to be your running-mate. Pick the guy who remarked about how clean you were for being a black guy. And then agonize over your continued drops in the polls as the people you pursued in the spring realize you abandoned them.

I still think Obama's going to win. Because McCain is a stammering moron and because the people in charge know that he's not capable of managing the USA after bush II gets done mangling it. But it's going to be needlessly close as Obama's empty promises become distant memories and his efforts to live up to the standards of an insane chattering class alienate the last of the "new" voters he'd excited.

At the end of it all though, is it going to be worth it? The USA is embroiled in two quagmires. Its economy is tanking, it's currency is being sustained by other countries that are consciously averting their eyes from the reality that the world economy has become a Ponzi scheme. Isn't that just the way? When someone from the formerly dispossessed gets a chance to run things is when the machine is just about to fall apart anyway.

If'n I were a US-American, I don't think that I'd hold my nose and vote Democrat. The time for electoral solutions was in 2004. That failed. 2006 showed that even electoral victories mean sweet fuck all.

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