Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Like Some Snot-Nosed Whining Brat

That's what the Conservative Party of Canada and it's brain-dead fans sound like in response to their getting their comeuppance for their election spending violations. Here's some typical responses from some of their zombies on the ["LIBERAL!!!"] Toronto Star:

We can see why the left-wingers enjoy this so much. Liberals won't let the Tories speak and they won't them call witnesses. This is a kangaroo court that would have made Stalin envious.

Clearly this is nothing but a partisan witch hunt. The opposition members blocked any and all witnesses who would shed light on the fact that what they are attacking the Tories for doing is actually standard procedure for ALL parties. Shameful but then again, the Liberals have no shame.

If they are truly trying to get to the root of the issue, the accused have the right to question the charge against them. You do not get to protect witnesses from being cross examined. If Mr. Finlay is not available for the time the committee has chosen for him, arrangements should be made to accommodate his schedule. Probably it will be after the date chosen, not before as he attempted. It seems as if the Opposition is trying to use this to their advantage rather than seek the truth. Whether you like the Conservatives or not, Canadians should be concerned about the way these committees operate. If they are guilty, let it be found out the right way, not because you have manipulated the proceedings to get the response you want.

Right. Remember the axiom here folks; "conservatives" are generally the stupidest people in the country.

It's a "kangaroo court" because their jeanyuss leader Stephen Harper said it was. And because Doug Finley wasn't allowed to show up and testify when he wanted to, as opposed to when he was scheduled to, even though he'd sent an unacknowledged letter saying that his boss wouldn't give him Wednesday off. And because the committee majority wasn't interested in hearing from every Canadian version of Alberto Gonzales that the Tories attempted to insert into the proceedings, supposedly this is "PROOF" that those witnesses would establish that "they all do it." Even though nothing happened. Even though former Conservative Party of Canada candidates testify that the election spending rules were violated.

As of this writing, you stupid "conservative" idjits, t'would appear that all the other parties AREN'T doing this, unless Elections Canada turns out to be an extremely corrupt institution and our elecctoral process is as debased as you're now trying to say it is. But then again, you refer to the NDP members of the Ethics Committee as "Liberal cronies" which is the most laughable conspiracy-theory imaginable.

No, ... your party cheats because it's incompetent. It cheats badly because it's incompetent. It tries to bluster it's way out of its predicament because it's incompetent, and it would attempt violence because nothing else will work, but it can't get away with that.

You're going down you bunch of stupid chumps. And you're going to go down hard.


Anonymous said...

All this and they are NOT guilty!!
So, if the slate is clean, why are they trying to obstruct justice, if they have nothing to hide?
The entire run-around is very obvious

eems to me, an awful fuss

thwap said...

It's beautiful to see these fools self-destruct like this. And to watch all their self-pitying whining fall flat as their criminality is exposed.