Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is stephen harper a Snivelling Coward?

Where was he while the intellectually unequipped Peter MacKay was casting apsersions at Richard Colvin's "third-hand information" from people MacKay knows are bad because he's read "third-hand information" about them?

There he was. Taking a cheap photo-op with the National Men's Lacrosse Team. As the Globe and Mail titled it: "Lacrosse Trumps Torture." What a fucking putz.

stephen found out in the days before the Governor-General stupidly granted him a prorogation that he's really not all that much of a tough-guy after all. He was so terrified of losing power, and so stressed out from the harsh words from his enraged caucus that he almost started tearing up while giving one of his stream-of-platitude speeches about the deaths of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. (Usually he's able to drone his way through those events without incident, but that time he actually felt some emotion. Too bad it was all about him.)

So here, once again, we have damning evidence of stephen harper's leadership deficiencies. The man is a gutless, spineless, amoral control freak.

We also have evidence that harper and his thugs directly threatened the entire military and diplomatic staff in Afghanistan if they spoke out against torture. Only the number two man felt strong enough to resist this pressure and they've attacked him in numerous ways since then, up to not paying his legal bills.

On July 28, the federal justice department wrote to 28 high-ranking government and military officials with knowledge of the Afghan detainee file, warning that their testimony could damage their reputations and potentially put their colleagues' careers at risk.

The letter "strongly" recommended they all retain the justice department as their legal counsel.

Not surprisingly, most heeded the pointed advice -- after all, it was coming from their employer. In fact, only one person retained his own counsel and agreed to co-operate with the commission.

That was diplomatic whistleblower Richard Colvin, formerly acting ambassador in Afghanistan, and now deputy chief of intelligence at the Canadian embassy in Washington.

But the Globe and Mail and numerous other organizations have uncovered details about how widespread torture, rape and murder are in Afghanistan at the hands of the security forces we're funding, training and arming. Torture happened, and harper and his crew knew or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, and the fact that they did nothing about it, means that they are going to go to jail.

There was one problem when senior ministers and officials of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government said they were unaware of reports that prisoners were being tortured in Afghan jails, including prisoners handed over to Afghan authorities by Canadian soldiers.

Both international and Canadian law require officials in a position of "superior responsibility" to know or try to find out what is happening if they are told or suspect that a war crime or crime against humanity is being committed or about to be committed.

People who were there and who know stuff should look at that craven coward staring like a moron at that lacrosse shirt and they should realize that career-wise, he's a dead man walking. There will be no repurcussions for speaking out. The harpercons are finished.

And it's a good thing to destroy this party. True, they represent a large proportion of Canadians. Canadians of diminished mental capacity who have a right to their opinions, and their vote, but who, for the good of the country, should be kept far from the levers of power. Our bankrupt electoral system has put this power into their hands and we see the sickening results.

[You know, when all is said and done, the government put a lot of work on the subject of prisoner transfers. It's just that none of it was about upholding our legal obligations to respect human rights.]


no_blah_blah_blah said...

I've never been as disillusioned with Canada (and the world in general) as I am now. The mean-spirited Conservatives somehow get away with ignoring bills and laws and Supreme Court rulings however they please, and the opposition somehow manages to make itself useless ("thanks" primarily to the Liberals, though Jack Layton is recently ticking me off as well).

There is so much more injustice around the world, with change seemingly not forthcoming (despite the efforts of brave individuals such as Malalai Joya as you described in a previous post). Still, change should come from within. External meddling through military force seems to be a fruitless endeavour.

I'm already disgusted with politics and politicians, and I'm not even 30.

thwap said...

I agree. There's global warming. There's the continued abuse of our First Nations. There's the continued destruction of the economy.

But if we have the goods on these assholes here, on this issue, and we can actually surprise them by tossing them in prison, I think everyone, even the stupidest Blogging Tory, will learn a valuable lesson.