Sunday, October 30, 2011

Slandering the Occupiers

You can tell when your opponents in a debate are intellectually bankrupt when they make up lies about you. This isn't just "ad hominem" attacks (by which I mean genuine ones), but lies about you that are directly related to the issue at hand.

Even in the USA and Canada, where there's a constant bombardment of pro-corporate propaganda on a daily basis, the majority of the population agrees with the Occupy Movement. That's probably because the vast majority of people are either in the same boat as the people in the "We Are the 99 Percent" images or they know people who are.

The Tacitus/Trevino site: "We Are the 53%" doesn't resonate quite so well because most sane human beings look at a picture of somebody saying "I've been fucked-over by the system and I'm ten grand in debt and I work two minimum wage jobs and I haven't had a week off in four years, but I'm not complaining." and they think: "There's a stupid chump." and not "My God! What an inspiration!"

But what's even more indicative of their flailing is the way critics of the Occupy Movement have to toss out lies about the occupiers.

"They're unemployed bums who don't want to work."

Um, morons? The majority of the 99 Percent are saying over and over that they're OVER-WORKED.

"They hate America/Canada."

Some of them might. But some of them hate the elites who have dominated our societies since forever but who have, in recent decades, upturned the postwar compromise and dedicated themselves to blatantly fleecing everyone else.

Some of these "anti-American radical lefty lazy-assed haters" are actually veterans who served overseas. It's amazing isn't it though, how chicken-hawk chumps will become so indifferent to the presence of "the troops" when "the troops" don't march in lock-step with the delusions of the chicken-hawk chumps? But that's no surprise. For all their wargasmic enthusiasm for "the troops" while they're blowing away official enemies, US society has, for decades, been indifferent to the persistent over-representation of veterans within the US homeless population. (The same dynamic is at work in Canada, where the federal government began to nickel-and-dime wounded soldiers in order to contain spiralling costs. The fact that the costs were spiralling as a direct result of committing "the troops" to extended combat tours for over a decade didn't seem to factor into their policies. Apparently "the troops" were collectively deciding to milk the system dry by losing limbs or suffering psychological problems from witnessing the horrors of war, and they needed to be brought back in line.)

Yes, yes. A lot of the Occupiers look like the same old crowd of lefty-hippies. They're either poor (and therefore, by definition, "losers") or they're middle-class or wealthy (in which case they're spoiled, elitist "champagne socialists") who can be disregarded. (Do you see how it works? Whereas multi-millionaire drug-addict, Viagara-swilling Rush Limbaugh is a "man of the people"!) These are the same lefty nut-bars who said that free trade deals were going to devastate our economies. Ooops. These are the same lefty nut-bars who said that there were no WMDs. OOps. These are the same lefty nut-bars who said that Afghanistan would be a disaster. OOps. These are the same lefty nut-bars who have always said that there capitalism is inhuman and amoral. Ooops.

But aside from the presence of the people who always turn out to be correct about everything, there are a lot of ordinary US-Americans and Canadians who have just finally realized that the system is rigged against them and who are standing up for themselves. And, as a result, they find themselves slandered and demonized by the scum-bag morons of the bottom of the right-wing barrel.

And the people who are trashing them are either deluded chumps or criminal elites and their lying sycophants. End of story.


Orwell's Bastard said...

There you go again, thwap, citing the discredited Marxists at StatsCan. It's about time the Dear Leader got rid of them. Who needs these condescending elitist brainiacs with their "facts" and "expertise" anyway? Everyone knows they're out of touch with Real Canadians ...

karen said...

Indeed, Thwap. I would even venture to say that those of us involved in this movement, and those of us who support it, but cannot for whatever reason be out there 24/7, are doing this NOT from some hate perspective, but rather from love. From love of our communities, love of one another, love of our neighbours and "the least of these." It takes love to spend 8 weeks in a public square, asking for meaningful gainful work FOR ALL OF US, asking for safe, affordable, not foreclosable by some incomprehensible formula homes FOR ALL OF US, asking for regulations that prevent the exploitation of ALL OF US, asking for a halt to practices that destroy cultures and habitat and ecosystems EVERYWHERE. It is hateful to allow "collateral damage." It is hateful to invent derivitaves that inflate peoples mortgage payments till they cannot pay. It is hateful to move manufacturing into an area where people will be forced to work long hours for next to nothing because the local economy has been decimated by the factories. It is hateful to run oil pipelines through anyone's habitat. I submit the 1% are the embodiment of hate.

thwap said...


Well, us Canada-hating, fact-dependent radicals have to stick together.

We (left-wing nutbars) almost took this country over in the 1960s and 1970s. And, if we can manage to distract the sheeple from the annoying truth-telling of harper and the Blogging Tories, and David Frum and that O'Leary fuck-face, ... Stalin willing we'll finish the job next time!

Good to hear from you Comrade.

thwap said...


I agree with you 100%. Did you see those Halloween party pictures from the foreclosure firm, mocking the people they evict and mocking homeless people in general?

The selfishness, the greed, the violence they employ, the blatant lying, ... it all adds up to hate for everyone and everything outside their personal circle, AND self-hatred for being such contemptible sleaze-bags.