Monday, February 27, 2012

Tell Everyone

I just wrote an email to my MP. He's a Conservative but he's one of the non-entities and in all honesty, seems like a decent enough guy. I've asked him his explanation for the electoral fraud and for him to repudiate such disgraceful behaviour.

I'm going to write a letter to every national newspaper in town. I'm going to write Elections Canada and the heads of all the political parties. I'm going to sign petitions calling for an inquiry.

And everyone else should do so too.

At this stage in the game I have no faith in whatever checks and balances (a US-American political term but whatever) in our system to bring these miscreants to justice. But the firestorm must begin this way.

The harpercons will screech about these robocalls, fraudulent behaviour, stuff with "They all do it." In the first place, that's complete bullshit. Outside of their persecution fantasies, neither Elections Canada nor the mainstream media are Liberal tools for national supremacy. If this was happening anywhere else, by anyone else, we'd have heard about it. This was a major operation. An expensive import of Karl Rove's effluvia. This is big-time fraud. And nobody else has done it. And if they had, the thing to do is report it to Elections Canada, NOT jump into the swamp feet first.

But, again, ONLY the filthy harpercons pull this shit. Only the disgusting harpercons have so much contempt for our institutions and our democracy and our principles. This is a party that wants you to suffer bankruptcy and early death so that private health insurance providers can make profits. Of course they have no respect for the electoral process.

Last night I deleted a comment from a harpercon shit-head. A combination of mewling self-pity, laughable hypocrisy and festering hate. Get used to it fuck-faces. After a certain point has been passed, nobody is under any obligation to treat you with any respect. You guys passed that point years ago. Deal with it. You and the 24% of the electorate that seeks to abuse the rest of us 76%.


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This is the last straw for me.