Sunday, June 24, 2012

Constitutional Insurgency

I wrote about this concept once before. I think it holds true more today. harper has launched an all-out assault on our system of government. he disregarded the majority in Parliament. he stole his majority through election fraud. he now uses his fraudulent majority to ram through his corrupt, undemocratic agenda.

harper himself has displayed contempt for all the sources of his legitimacy. he has violated the rules he now commands us to respect. his supporters either agree with his illegal contemptuous treatment of us or they're ignorant of it.

There is no argument against an insurgency against his illegitimate rule. There can be no criticism of people fighting to defend a system that they themselves find flaws with, but which they see as something important to be built upon and improved, and not as something to be spat upon and destroyed.


Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper has a trump card!

It stands on the toes of all logic and trumps science and it is called religion! Religion of development over everything logically normal and family valued. It cares not for the biosphere that contains and nourishes us, that is a heathen value. One must to ascertain logically pretended value in Stephen’s society be a plunderer be a developer of natural resources…

Harper thinks he’s sharper
But really he’s a barber
With evil thought’s he harbor’s
He wants to shave all we have in common
From our Canada, oh what a nave is he.

Little does he know?
Allot of us are committed
To saving the country
He thinks is dimwitted

And the only dimwit I see is he!
He is leading us into slavery
With his tricky knavery
To his lord and master

Big oil big bad oil
For now we all have to toil
To get the Alberta crude
To the Chinese dude

Huh this is rude
And makes no sense
We have a red prime minister
Who is more than a little sinister?

I am asking him to step down
He’s really looking like a clown
And he’s not a real Calgaryian
Just a Bully/tyrant Toronto Ontarian

Anonymous said...

I've found harpers mo: TPP

were screwed

Anonymous said...

"harper has launched an all-out assault on our system of government"

ya and here is why he knows about this and is secretly meeting about this and hopes to be PAID well for his treason:

thwap said...


That's some scary shit. It's pathetic though, that for all his evil, harper's goals are to be nothing more than an errand boy.

Anonymous said...

"harper's goals are to be nothing more than an errand boy."

Touche my friend, because he moved up from a mail room boy, a promotion for him:)

aboyandhistvshow exposed this:

My lady gets sick when she looks at harper!