Thursday, June 14, 2012


ORNGE - $1.3 billion. (The actual waste and corruption is probably $500 million?)

F-35 fighters - $35 billion. (For an attack fighter-bomber that might not work.)

Toronto G20 - $1 billion plus. (Mainly as corruption but also to buy the police the toys they need to keep us down and make us stay at home, too frightened to protest)

Afghanistan Occupation -  $18 billion (To prop-up an unpopular government of warlord narco-gangsters and pedophiles) 

I can't resist quoting this portion from that CTV story:
Harper also restated that Canada will end its military commitment in the country in 2011. The report estimated how much that commitment, from 2002 until 2011, will cost the taxpayers.
"I know it is a lot of money but nobody in Canada is going to say you are spending too much for Canadians who are putting their lives on the line," Harper said.
Um, actually fuckwad, you've been miserly when it comes to looking after the soldiers wounded and traumatized to gratify your imperialist masturbation fantasies.

Vancouver Olympdicks - $1 billion dollars (This is a conservative estimate and involves deducting the physical assets that were built with the money. For a party for the middle and upper classes that caused Vancouver's homeless population to triple and which was used to justify slashes to other programs.)

Costs of the recession caused entirely by pursuing shit-head neo-liberal policies of cutting taxes on the wealthy and impoverishing the majority - $62 billion (By 2011 at the latest of the government's own calculations.)

$118.3 billion dollars. Flushed down the crapper. For bullshit policies.

This is why my blood boils when assholes talk about cutting welfare or the need to raise tuition fees to balance the budget.


Owen Gray said...

It's curious, thwap. The man who claims to be an economist is challenged by basic math.

Mogs said...


Harper-ism is definitively off the deep end watch these remarks as he is opening the door to a bomb Syria. He probably was masturbating while saying this:

“We encourage Russia and others to join with us to apply binding sanctions against what is a murderous regime,” Mr. Harper told the Commons. from:

Psycho Steve wants more bombings.

thwap said...


harper, McGuinty, ... they're all corporate shills. They're our enemies.

thwap said...


Oh yeah, he's rubbing one out to the thought of more poor people getting killed.

Doesn't matter if they're white, brown, or whatever. So long as they're poor and they're dying.

Beijing York said...

I need brain bleach after momentarily picturing Harper rubbing his hardened nub.

thwap said...


double nickel said...

In fairness, he's probably impotent, hence the pent up frustration.

thwap said...

double nickel,

I take comfort from the possibility that he's impotent. (It's not like his not being impotent would make him less of an asshole!)