Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two Books

In light of my busy schedule and my sense of ennui today, I thought I'd just provide links to two books that I'm currently reading.

The first book is Edward Dolnick's The Clockwork Universe about the intellectual history leading up to Isaac Newton's theory of gravity. It's very brisk, almost light reading. It's more about states of mind than about scientific theories.

The other book is Bruce Livesey's Thieves of Bay Street. It's an indictment of Canada's financial sector and its lax regulators. The review from the National Post (which I picked because I thought it would be harshly critical) says that it's a pretty good book, but somewhat dated and misses some of the things that Canadian regulators do right. What the review doesn't try to argue though is that our regulators and our police tend to leave white-collar criminals alone and that Canada really is a cozy place for elite criminals.

And, now, for the last image:

I'm thinking maybe pictures'll brighten up the place.


Owen Gray said...

I understand Conrad Black is threatening to sue Livesey. What else is new?

thwap said...

black has no idea how repulsive he is.