Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bottom Line: We Didn't Stop harper

It's possible that by shitting on veterans, stopping home mail delivery, screwing over both workers with the Temporary Workers Program, and then the low-paying employers who they first enabled, and stumbling from scandal to scandal, the stupid, corrupt harpercons might have alienated so many voters that even healthy doses of election fraud won't gain them another majority.

It's possible, but it is by no means a certain thing. Thanks to a majority on the Supreme Court of Canada, ballot stuffing is now legal. If there are more ballots than names on the voters' list, challengers will have to prove malice after the fact. Otherwise (so their stupid, asinine ruling goes) we are to assume that those extra votes were made in good faith by innocent Canadians and careless (but not malevolent) poll clerks.

As well, investigations into election law violations remain a secret from Canadians (nice and quiet) and Elections Canada (already a neutered institution and an accomplice in harpercon cover-ups of their crimes) has even less powers than it did before to investigate fraud.

We are going to see fraud like you won't believe in the next election. So it's entirely possible that harper will steal another majority government.

But the time to take harper down shouldn't be in some scheduled 2015 electoral contest. harper has no respect for Parliament; none whatsoever, and we all know that he cheated his way to victory in 2011. The rule-of-law and respect for the democratic wishes of shit-heads should have had nothing to do with it. (NOTE: NOT because they're shit-heads, but because their votes didn't add up to a genuine majority and, furthermore, they voted either out of colossal, inexcusable ignorance for a clearly anti-democratic CRIMINAL, or they knew and they didn't care, ... in which case, to hell with 'em.)

But if harper is defeated in 2015, it will have nothing to do with us or anything that we did.

he is here today, braying about his love for seeing Palestinian children blasted to fragments as our representative, because we failed to stop him.

his very defiling presence is an indictment of our impotence and failure.

Before I hear another tiresome condemnation of my negativity, I would ask you to outline the campaign to actually "STOP HARPER" and to tell me what you personally did to try to do so yourselves.


Edstock said...

"But if harper is defeated in 2015, it will have nothing to do with us or anything that we did." — you're entitled to your opinion, even if it's wrong.

Stevie is going down and it's a result of concerned Canadians who are each doing what they can in their locale: it's all those little efforts, talking to neighbours, talking to co-workers. Each of us is trying in our own way.

I know I am, what about you? Talking to other progressives don't git 'er done, it's talking to the conservatives and the undecided in your neighborhood — and that's what I do, and sometimes it sure ain't easy.

Hang tough, because I believe Canadians may have a few surprises for Stevie. Remember, he's got another 12 months of fuck-up to get motivated over. It ain't over til it's over . . .

thwap said...

Oh, I plan on volunteering for the local Liberal Party candidate. (He's a United Church minister, who seems a decent, non-corporate-John-Manley-type Liberal.)

But I won't pretend that an electoral victory for the [ugh!] Liberals, will be any vindication of the non-actions and optimism of the "activist" community.

greg said...

My theory is that Harper knows he's gone and is passing as much shit as he can before the Fall. Or else, he's ramming through as much as he can and .....someone tell me what to write here.

I've got to go out and hold up my sign now. I think the new street lights have cameras in them. They must have identified me by now. Seriously, how much more paranoid could I possibly be!!

thwap said...

I honestly don't know about harper. I suspect he doesn't either. For the reasons I mentioned in my post.

his party is in shit-shape, but they've rigged things so that they'll be hard to beat.

So, maybe he can steal a victory against the hated Justin Trudeau, or he's afraid he'll lose to the hated Justin Trudeau.

And you're not paranoid. You're being spied on. I know my porn searches are being viewed with disgust somewhere. (By someone else besides someone else but me.)

Scotian said...

I've warned people online and off about what Harper truly is and to not underestimate his threat potential since the late 90s. I tried to convince people online and off that his assassination of the PCPC with traitor MacKay as his weapon and hostile takeover of its brand did not transform him into suddenly a typical Canadian Conservative. I did so with everyone I met wherever I could. I've done so in every election. I've in each election on election day driven people out to the polls to vote for anti-Harper candidates, and in every election night I go count votes as one of the scrutinizers for an anti-Harper candidate to help try and keep that part honest. I never stopped from the moment he came to power until his majority "win" in 2011 opposing Harper, exposing Harper in my yes long winded manner, and gave what I saw as the most realistic way to stop Harper given the makeup of the actual voting public (as in those who actually vote, not just potential but actual ones based on prior election results) For a man who is on long term disability with cause I think that should count for something.

It may not have been effective, but it was effort made to the best of the ability I have to do. What I've been talking about online I've also done offline, and I am in person a chatty friendly person who people find talkative but rarely boring (I don't know why this is the case given how tedious so many seem to find the same things I say online as in person, maybe because I can use pitch and inflections in voice that text does not allow, but rarely do people appear to mind me, they are almost always willing to hear me out, and I make it a point to listen as much as talk which also might be part of why it works better for me verbally than textually). I talk to people while waiting for the bus, on the bus, at the checkout line, and if they are willing to talk politics I talk about Harper and try to find ways to bring them around if they do not agree or see it, and if they do to try and make sure they get out to vote and do not just give up on even trying.

That is what I've done, which is why I feel my hands are clean in this, I saw Harper for what he was, I've warned about him and his reality from the outset, I made clear that it was not the socon hidden agenda we needed to fear but the institutional destruction and abuse of power issues that were the true danger zones. I played Cassandra, but I did it to the dregs, and I only stopped in 2011 after the majority because my health was literally suffering for it so I knew I needed to finally take a break until we got closer to the next election. I'm also one that believes that Harper engineered the first systemic voting fraud in our federal history, and while I do not know if it actually did make the difference the fact that it was even tried should by rights be enough to taint the outcome sufficiently as to throw out the results and require a do-over, but that is not the world we are living in.

So that is my answer to your question thwap. Mind you, since I don't actually condemn your negativity (don't always agree with you about it, but that is not the same thing) I do not know if I needed to answer your question, but I thought it only fair to do so.

gingersnap said...

Harper is racking a hell of a lot of ethnic votes. He even gave Poland the ship building contract, that was for BC. There are thousands and thousands of Chinese votes, Harper will p/u. The Jewish people, Ukrainians and the people from India. If this is true? You can be damned sure, our Canadian Engineers, don't get these perks.

Electrical and Electronic Engineers--Canada is calling. Ashakiran Immigration Services...under *Federal* scheme.

I can only hope, this isn't true. However, with Harper at the helm? I believe every vile rotten thing, that is written and said about him.

thwap said...


It's truly disgraceful how some people will allow their morals to take a backseat to their ethnicity.

I'm of British-Slavic origins, (Croat and Ukrainian) but I care as much about that as I do about being Canadian. I believe that Canada's treatment of the FN has been disgusting and shameful.

I wish more Canadians would be politically active. Not just coming out to vote, but putting pressure on them. Standing up for health care. Getting informed about the way things are supposed to work.

I'm going to stop. This needs a post to explain.

thwap said...


" I made clear that it was not the socon hidden agenda we needed to fear but the institutional destruction and abuse of power issues that were the true danger zones."

That's what it is for me as well. Paul Martin did proportionately more damage to the welfare state than harper did. (Although harper's gutting of the environment is equally monstrous.)

With harper, the rules don't matter, elections don't matter.

Everything's a total sham. Our rights are non-existent.

megreg said...

Theory: If we stopped making comments on blogs, we might actually have to do something. However, I would like to respond to the last comment....

This is addictive. I can't stop.

thwap said...


First, figure out what else you COULD do ...