Thursday, July 31, 2014

Indiscriminate Slaughter of Innocent Men, Women and Children? Check.

Good lord, but the heights of our society's moral depravity and hypocrisy!

The Canadian weekly news magazine "Maclean's" cover for this week was a picture of Vladimer Putin and the bold headline: "Getting Away With Murder," in reference to the Malaysian airliner shot down over eastern Ukraine. In the first place, I'm leaning towards the notion that a Ukrainian fighter-jet shot that plane down. In the second place, the USA never even apologized when their own USS Vincennes acknowledged shooting down that Iranian airbus. They gave the captain a fucking medal! In the third place, ... at the very same time that Putin was "getting away with murder" the fucking IDF is indiscriminately slaughtering innocent Palestinian men, women and children.

And how do our own "leaders" respond to the IDF's "getting away with murder"?

By standing with the murderers and singing with them!
... fifty miles away at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, Liberal MPs Carolyn Bennett and John McCallum, Con MPs David Sweet and Ted Opitz, Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell, and former Liberal Senator Jerry Grafstein were leading the Canada-Israel Solidarity Rally in singing O Canada and Hatikva.

Condemning the First Nations to misery decade-after-decade. Conniving to allow Canadian mining firms to receive tax dollars even when they're guilty of human rights violations. Sending their own citizens to be tortured in Syria, Egypt and the Sudan. Complicit in torture in Afghanistan. (Among other war crimes.) Stealing elections. Contempt of Parliament.

And now, cheering on the indiscriminate slaughter of men, women and children.


Anonymous said...

It makes you want to punch some face doesn't it?

L. Wayne Mathison said...
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Anonymous said...

When has Harper ever done anything, out of the goodness of his heart Harper as a fascist dictator and a sociopath, is only capable of caring about himself. I have always been suspicious of Harper and his planeload of degenerates, he took with him to Israel.

I read, Harper is encouraging Israel to make war on Palestine. Israel wants Palestine`s water, land and gas. Israel said. Palestine will never be a state. Palestine will be pushed into the sea. Palestine`s dead children are, merely collateral damage.

Much of the world is so angry at Israel and their supporters. There is a petition against Israel and their supporters, going around the globe.

Why Israel was dumb enough to throw themselves in with the fascist Harper, puzzles a lot of Canadian citizens. The Jewish people are no longer viewed as friends to many Canadians. They will no longer be welcomed in Canada.

Beijing York said...

It really is stomach churning.

I can barely bring myself to hear any news these days. I've always known since a tender age that some lives are more valuable than others i.e. the lives of 100 passengers due to train derailment in Gujurat did not compare to the loss of one white child in Medicine Hat or Truro.

The manipulated grief and barrage of media coverage over lost lives of Dutch passengers (calling the shoot down of that Malaysian airline a crime against humanity) on one hand to the reluctant tagline on the 1000+ count of Palestinians dead as announced by CBC news anchors, "many of them children" on the other is enough to make me want to throw my radio out the window. The blatant refusal to even shed a freaking tear for the loss of life in Gaza is like something out of a sci-fi alternate universe. Are there lizard faces under those broken pieces of flesh?

thwap said...

The deleted comment was from L. Wayne Matheson. Trying to justify his thirst for the blood of Arab children.

thwap said...


I think, depending on the person, I might.

thwap said...

Anonymous II

Israel once aligned itself with apartheid South Africa. Birds of a feather.

They associate with harper because they're amused by his slavish devotion.

His devotion is based on vote counting. Zionist imperialists and hardcore Christian end-timers.

thwap said...

Beijing York,

They're soulless, brainless members of the human species.

Anonymous said...

THWAP - remember, too, that Harper was a supporter of South African Arparthied, demanding at times that Nelson Mandela be executed. He then had the almighty bloody nerve to go to the funeral. Anything for another photo op. I find him absolutely creepy!

greg said...

I think the apology I made was worse than original comment.

I was trying to do Louis C.K. ........I'm not saying it's an excuse.

I won't write again. Sorry.

You write a great blog and I wish you well in the future.

thwap said...


I didn't even know about the case you were referring to. All I could think of was this woman who was a stranger to me having been killed and somebody on my blog trying to make a joke about it.

I thought there might have been some irony or something, but on its own it wasn't the sort of thing I'd like to see here.

I'm not saying that you have to leave and never darken my door again, but it's up to you.