Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Movie Madness

Why am I using my blog to dream up a plot for a Hollywood depiction of radical revolution? We all know that I used to type passionate denunciations of the sickening system we find ourselves in. But after a few years of doing that, I started to think that it was pointless. To continue to fulminate online without doing anything about it is the worst pomposity. So, I tried to organize something big in the 3-d world. Alas, the 3-d world let me down. I am, at present, trying to work with local activists on the issue of affordable mass-transit, but I am finding the meandering and lack of professionalism of my colleagues a bit of a hard slog.

I do remember that people found my constant harping about the uselessness and pathological levels of inability on the left to be tiresome. Even I realize I can't keep up on that forever, non-stop.

So this movie summary is something different and constructive. I'm also finding it cathartic to write about an alternative to the mindless, formulaic Hollywood epics about (ordinary people who find themselves to be extraordinary) people bravely going up against imaginary evils and villains while, all the time, real evils and real villains run rampant.

I told a friend about this and I told him I thought I'd put the whole thing online and just leave it there. So that's what I'm doing.

So, now that the heroine has been smuggled out of Los Angeles, we can come to the second act of the film. This is where she comes into her own. The Yoda/Mister Miyagi figure starts the training, but he soon realizes she's beyond him.

One idea I have is him smashing a bunch of expensive looking statues, explaining how they are not necessary for his survival. Then he stops himself from smashing another one because it is a work of artistic beauty and it makes his world better by existing. (All the other things were actually cheap replicas, which he destroyed for demonstration purposes.)

Just a thought.

These people aren't pacifists. They use the martial arts, plus weapons. Out in the desert. I think I'll have her rescue some smuggled-in Latin Americans from a gang of beefy, corn-fed, right-wing racist gun-nuts. A quasi-fascist "militia."

I think I will have her and her mentor observing them with a large group of immigrants who they've captured. While they're thinking about how to respond, the racists start killing their prisoners, calling them a cancer that needs to be eradicated. This will cause the heroine to throw caution to the wind and simply attack. In the process a few of the racists will be killed while the rest manage to escape.

This will provoke an outraged response from the Hannity-type propagandist. But no one will know about her involvement. All her actions will be designed to ensure secrecy and the covering of tracks from government investigators. There'll have to be a bunch of nuts-n-bolts planning to convey all of this.

Next, she will take on an oil company that wants to start fracking in a community, against the community's wishes. In so doing, she will also have to go up against the state agents (police and military) who are helping to enforce this private company's orders upon the people of the community. (This will include the destruction of solar panels and the outlawing of the collection of rain-water. Which are a couple of things that these psychotic institutions are trying to enforce.)

Finally, I want to have her come into Canada, where some First Nations women will show her the ecological abomination of the Tar Sands and describe for her the suicidal nature of the "machine" of industrial civilization. How the insane desire for "more" has infected the mind of humanity and is causing them to engage in such monstrosities of the Tar Sands, and so much more.

Throughout this part of the film, references will be made to world-wide struggles of poor people against the system, and how they're being suppressed with increasing brutality. This brutality is to be personified by the police sergeant. This period takes years and sees the heroine age from a teenager to a woman in her mid-twenties. The police sergeant will likewise age and increase his power. I think he'll go from being the Chief of Police in Los Angeles to become the Governor of California as the elites praise him for his ruthless suppression of the growing underclass revolt.

Something he attempts to do in California, as governor, is going to draw the heroine back. And, I think, this is where I'll introduce the computer hackers. Especially this one. I want him to be physically handicapped, and I want to base him on this young man who was severely handicapped who I used to see on the bus in Hamilton. I think he had limited use of his arms and his head flopped to one side. He was in a big wheelchair with padded supports for his head and arms. I think he had to be strapped upright. He had to travel with a sibling. They were obviously poor, especially since their stop was in one of the poorer neighbourhoods. But he always had on these hilariously offensive t-shirts. A different one every time I saw him.  At some point, I just stopped seeing him. I'd see his sister from time-to-time, but never him. I don't know if he died, but I think he did and that made me sad at the time. I want to base a genius hacker on him, and he is going to be a major ally of hers. But he's going to die at the hands of the system. Probably he'll be arrested and denied medical care while in prison (which happens a lot in prison systems anyway).

I will have this guy survive long enough to plan the big confrontation though. And a computer simulation of him will help the heroine carry-out their big operation. The computerized voice will even produce filthy insults when she's not moving fast enough.

So that's what I'm typing for today.

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