Sunday, September 14, 2014

So, This is where it bogs down a bit

In all honesty, I've been making-up a fair bit of what I've written in the past few days as I've been typing it. I've had some basic ideas and they've been fleshed-out as you see them here.

Now, what's supposed to happen is the heroine is supposed to meet the baddy again, more as an equal than as an unarmed, overwhelmed teenager. I don't know if she'll win this confrontation or not.

She's supposed to meet the hackers, especially that lead guy. I don't know the logistics of that yet.

She's supposed to reconnect with the white boyfriend. Actually they're supposed to become lovers during this act. He's going to have gone into formal politics. He's going to represent the truth that there are some decent people in politics, even though they are (as we'll see) doomed on many levels. He'll make his comment about being "colour-blind" and she'll retort that based on her personal experience, and her intimate knowledge of racialized prisons, abuse of First Nations, abuse of immigrants, pervasive racism in society, that she can't get colour out of her mind. (Don't worry; I'll find some genuine expressions of these sentiments, so it'll be more eloquent and articulate.)

Anyhow, he'll help her.

Seeing as how there are hackers involved, I think the bad-guy governor is going to be proposing some internet spying thing that locks-down people's computers when they search for "terroristic" things like "social justice" or "environmentalism" and etc. (Because it's already accepted in our society that the NSA records everything we do for future reference.) Then, people's cellphones are activated so that "intervention agents" can track you, until maybe you remember to throw your cellphone away, when, by that point, public cameras are watching your every movement, so that you're caught, interrogated, and, if you express any genuine interest in any of these "dangerous" ideas, you're held in "protective custody" for psychiatric treatment. If you're recalcitrant, you'll get brain-surgery. And if you're poor or on social assistance, forcible sterilization.

I've got somewhere I have to be in a couple of hours. So chew on this in the meantime.


greg said...

Stupid question number 3: HOw long is this movie? It seems like a ten parter at least.

The transit thing you're working on--is that still okay or are you just getting started? I think you said you were a little frustrated with it.

Till next time. It's cool and cloudy.

thwap said...

It's 2-and-a-half to 3 hours.

Those transit people are trundling along. They have a facebook page that they don't monitor. On the day of a meeting they post the details. Which doesn't give anyone any reason to let their "friends" know about the event.

I'll see. There's another group that's more about transit and general and not specifically about affordability for poor people.