Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Movie Idea

So, lately (or since forever) there are a lot of  movies out where some young guy finds out that he's "the chosen one" and he has to save his people (or the world, or the universe) from some evil threat. The threat is "evil" because it is. It does bad things because it is bad. It is going to kill a lot of people.

In the interests of feminism, they're starting to have super-skilled female characters who are (at first) greater warriors than the male lead, but fate is destiny and they resign themselves to second-banana status. (Besides, they also fall head-over-heels in love with the hero too.)

At some point, when the evil danger is at its strongest, the hero realizes that, like it or not, it's up to him to stop the bad stuff. Even if it means his own death. That's when his misfit (but powerful) friends, including his warrior-princess girlfriend, rally around him, risking death to fight evil alongside the chosen one.

So, they make these movies. And the "evil" is just some meaningless aphilosophical twaddle. And it's not even important that the evil minions might as well be cardboard cut-outs. This fantasy-heroism doesn't inspire anyone in the audience. The companies that make these movies come out of the same system of thuggish criminality that destroyed the Occupy Movement and which is responsible for the militarism and racism on display in Ferguson, Missouri. It's the same culture that has just gone  on record as defending the indefensible massacre of innocent Palestinian men, women and children in Gaza in "Operation Protective Edge."

So, I thought about writing a script for a movie that incorporates the whole idea that "evil" can be defeated by a small team of heroes in an exciting battle that happens after all the plot-lines have been established and every supporting character gets their little scene and the macguffin has been found or what-the-fuck-evah.

So dig, the "hero" is going to be a "heroine" from the get-go. A young black female. Because there simply isn't enough of that stuff. And, obviously, it's to be set in the USA. Because that's where the money is. And that's where the evil people who rule the world are. (As opposed to the evil people who wish they ruled the world.)

It'll probably start in a movie theatre and she'll be there with her boyfriend (No, she's not going to be a lesbian. Because I think I want her to have a white boyfriend who will go "B-but I thought I was the chosen one!") This boyfriend with her in the movie theatre is black. He is probably going to join the military and come home maimed and traumatized and ignored/abandoned by the government. (She'll have a brother too. He'll be shot dead by white cops. Or that'll happen to the boyfriend and her brother will be the betrayed veteran.) Anyway, guess what's on the screen? One of those movies with the white-guy hero, doing one of those scenes where he decides that it's up to him to stop the bad guy, even if he might not be the chosen one, and his friends stand beside him.) Her face is of indifferent indifference. She doesn't even know she's bored. Her boyfriend is enjoying it.

Her and her family are really going to be put through the wringer. Her parents are going to be hard-working people whose jobs are taken away from them. I hope it's not ignorant stereotyping, but right now, I want to have them fall into that religious hucksterism in a big way (her parents) because I want it to be shown that most of that religion stuff is a scam. She's going to see the fancy clothes of the minister as her impoverished parents drop money they can't afford into his collection plate.

It starts when she's sixteen years old and she has to work in fast-food. I haven't decided if she gets raped by her boss or just ripped-off. Because she's going to get sexually assaulted by the main bad-guy. A police sergeant who becomes an "expert" on "domestic terrorism" and who rides a wave of right-wing hysteria and corporate cynicism to become ... wait for it ... President of the United States of America!

Anyway, ... that's all I want to type for today.

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