Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pointless Memory

I remembered something. Reflected on it. Then, two days later, it popped into my head again. This is something I hadn't thought about at all in over a decade. 15 years I'd say.

Check it out. It's 1988. I'm in London, Ontario. Hanging out with some people outside the now-departed Brunswick Hotel. Farther down, ... what was it?  Talbot Street? About 8-10 storefronts, a couple are arguing. Well, he's arguing anyway. He's a very pretty boy in his early 20's, and she's a very cute little girl about the same age. But he's drunk and angry and she's scared/upset.

I didn't know much about anything, and even now, it's possible for a guy to be justifiably angry with a woman and for her to be nervous because she's gotten herself in trouble with him. Even then though, I was keeping an eye on them.

Further down the street, coming towards them, with a stomping stride and swinging arms, was this shorter guy (but a little taller than me) with very broad shoulders and big arms (all easy to see because he was wearing a t-shirt in the the fall).

The pretty boy had his back to the oncoming little power-house and he started yelling even more loudly at the girl and then pushed her twice in the the chest. The shorter guy had come even with them and instantly he had his left hand around the boyfriend's neck and had lifted him up against a telephone pole. I heard his voice asking his prisoner something and the boyfriend answered and then I could make out boyfriend saying "sorry." The little guy let him go and they, all three of them, spoke for another few moments and then the little guy continued on his way. Which was to the Brunswick. While he was striding towards us, I watched the couple. The girl seemed genuinely concerned about her boyfriend, and he seemed genuinely subdued.

For all I know now, he beat the shit out of her after they got home.

Up-close, the little tank looked exactly like this character I'd been drawing for a comic book at the time. Crew cut. Small pointed nose. High cheek-bones. I was impressed about the way he lifted the taller guy off the ground. The girls who were drinking with us told me that he was the sweetest guy in the world. 

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