Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging

Dr. Dawg's blog has a post up now on Israel with around 200 comments. Much of the conversation is, I'm sure, dealing with obnoxious racist Zionist bull-shitters. I'm sure it's a sterling display.

On my FaceBook feed, friends of friends drop all sorts of charming drivel. Racist crap about Canada's First Nations and "Idle No More." Condemnations of "Black Lives Matter." The collected wit and wisdom of libertarian goof-balls. Empty-headed, asinine attacks on socialism.

I'm just tired of it. "Debating" with non-entities to no purpose.

Especially when it means stirring-up the mental illness of trolls. Who needs that?

And to what end?

It's not just an assertion on my part that The Left was pretty much useless getting Canadian troops out of Afghanistan. Or at stopping harper. (Again; these statements of fact will just provide fodder for gibbering trolls who support evil shit to mindlessly gloat.)

So, I could engage with/wrassle with people I don't know, about our differences of opinion. (And hear a lot of ignorant, bigoted bile.) Make challenges to the Left that go unanswered.


I felt compelled to write this after seeing that Dawg post had over 200 comments. It's all so futile.


zoombats in Hong Kong said...

I noticed the blog and also read it. It's has all the usual suspects that seem to hover around that topic defending the argument of anti israel is not anti semitism blah, blah,blah... It all gets so tiresome doesn't it? Haven't we got bigger things to worry about like who is Justins barber?

thwap said...

Yeez kin have all of it.