Friday, January 1, 2016

thwap's New Year's reflections ...

Just thought I'd take this special occasion to offer some of my thoughts on the year going in.

I think that collectively, the human race is too stupid for civilization to survive, and that, furthermore, given enough time, we will eventually kill ourselves as a species.

Thirty percent of any given population is so moronic and debased that they will support absolute degenerates like Rob Ford, Donald Trump and all sorts of other equally loathsome creatures. This will never change.

The rest of us? Well, liberals see fit to align themselves with robotic con-artists and sleaze-balls like Dalton McGuinty or Kathleen Wynne. Or twist logic up into a pretzel to defend criminals like Rahm Emmanuel or mass-murderers like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

And then there's the Left. They'll do stupid things like support a liberal con-man like Tom Mulcair, except they'll refuse to even admit that he's a liberal. But the better sort simply don't have the brains to realize the sheer uselessness of their non-violent protests, exposes of corruption and sleaze, and posting of other people's work on social media.

The powers that be are NOT going to do anything about global warming. We had ZERO impact on ending Canada's involvement in Afghanistan. (Just as we're irrelevant to our participation in the clusterfuck in Syria and Iraq. Speaking of which, if anything is indicative of the insanity of our world it is this current neo-con wet-dream of blood and mayhem in Syria and Iraq. The idea that our elites could conduct such monstrous evil and that so many of us are too stupid to see how insane and evil and idiotic, ... I mean, what further proof do you need that the human race is tragically flawed?

I remind you again of Thomas Piketty's thoroughly researched thesis that societal inequality did not change at all in the transition from feudalism to capitalism. If anything, it got worse. The only things that changed it were the two world wars and the Great Depression. And now, as we see, things are returning to their horrid "normal" and despite all of our knowledge, we on the left are incapable of grasping the significance of this fact and powerless to alter our course.

I continued to stay involved with the Left, because being unemployed and middle-aged, only the Left had answers to my predicament. But the Left is useless to me now. The NDP is useless. Discussion boards are useless. This blog is useless. The rallies are useless. I shared a link to the fund-raising effort by Democracy Watch to take the Conservative Party of Canada to court for their vile criminal behaviour of election stealing. I did so on a site for a left-wing NDP micro-group. Two people responded. Both of them said that why should we do the Liberal's work for them, and one even suggested that maybe the NDP had benefited from some of the disarray to Liberal campaigns caused by the Conservative's targeting of them.

It's shit like that the causes me to lose all hope.

I live surrounded by rich people. They're driving around in their Jaguars and Mercedes Benzes, wearing the thousand-dollar clothes and renovating their million-dollar homes and they're all bitching about the taxes that they pay and hurrying past the beggars on the street. So many of us Canadians responded so disgustingly to the Syrian refugee crisis; so many of us can't even stir ourselves to educate ourselves about our abusive treatment of the First Nations. That reality has existed for over a century.

Nothing changes.


Anonymous said...

You should kill yourself. There is no hope for you. Quit wasting time. Get it done now.

thwap said...

And then of course, if the Left is stupid, you right-wing shit-head trolls are nauseatingly stupid.

You have the sense to not even try to debate with me. But somehow, your justifiable fear of being exposed as an ignorant fool doesn't translate over into your questioning why you hate me so much.

Put another way, you're afraid to fight me, but you still imagine that you could easily defeat me.

I expected you to reply the way that you did. You're sadly predictable.

Anonymous said...

Washed-up, drugged addled, poor and worthless. Your a joke Thwap, a loser. People are laughing at you, do you know that?

Can you hear the laughter? From the left? From the right? From Rabble? From Enmasse? From Homes not Bombs?
From Simon?

He's a loser, haha haha! He's nothing, lol.

How do you live with yourself when no one loves you?

thwap said...

It would be nice to think that one day you'll mature and look back on your behaviour here with shame and embarrassment. But seeing as how you've kept this up for around 5 years or so, you must be approaching 30, at the very least. So there's probably no hope for you.

And, believe me, I understand why you're terrified to confront me either intellectually or physically. You've got nothing.

But it would please me, now at the end of all things, if you could just somehow articulate what motivates this hatred from you, towards me, year after year.

What is it that enrages you so?

Is it that I was right about the non-existence of Saddam's WMDs?

Is it my opposition to Canadian complicity in torture in Afghanistan and Syria?

Is it my anger at bankster criminality?

Is it my disgust over Rob Ford's hypocrisy and incompetence?

Is it my reverence for free and fair elections?

Is it my belief that Canada should honour its treaties with the First Nations?

What is it about my belief system that seems to have driven you quite mad?

Scotian said...

Anon@January 2, 2016 at 3:09 PM

Look, I'm no fan of thwap, nor he of me, and we have significant issues with each other, so understand that this is being said despite this. Way to be an utter fucking asshole there, this was gratuitous, unnecessary, bilious, vile, and those are its good points. thwap clearly has his own POV that he feels strongly about, and he stands honestly by it, which is more than some can manage to do. He also clearly cares about the world he lives in else he could not be as clearly disgusted and angered by the state of its reality as he described it here in this post as well as so many other times before. That shows a much better human being for all his faults than your piece of shit work shows of you. BTW, while I have argued with thwap, I've not laughed at him nor have I called nor seen him as a loser, certainly not in the manner you claim everyone does.

I only saw this because I was mildly curious about what would make thwap's new year observations given the events of the past year. I wasn't expecting to agree with much of it, nor was I looking to comment here, as I have said in the past that the issues between him and I were enough that I had had enough. I broke that once before because of what felt to me like an honest and very human cry for help beyond any political disagreements I've had with him and so I responded in good faith to him, and we left it at that. I expect he won't be at all impressed nor pleased I'm writing this either, because we aren't on good terms nor have ever really been, so he has no reason to welcome my views on anything. All that being said, I'll take someone like thwap at my side than someone that would do what you have done here any time or place or situation, because for all my issues with him I find him to be a far better human being than I saw from you. THAT is what prompted me to leave a comment at a blog I do not normally even read anymore let alone comment at.

BTW, as abrasive as he can be in his style, he has a point in his reply to you regarding the many things he was also correct about that many to most people were at the time on the wrong side of. I see nothing I can disagree with in those bullet points he makes to challenge you with, and it is a good question what it is about him that so injures/hurts/harms you which made you bother to write such a nasty comment. I mean it was poisonous enough you managed to get me to leave a comment about it too, even though thwap and I have some fairly bad blood between us, so yes, it would be interesting to know, just what HAS thwap done to you to have driven you to such madness?

thwap: For what it is worth, since I am leaving this comment, I'll add this, Happy New Year, and regardless of how bleak your opinion of things are, I do still wish you well on the personal level. As much as you infuriate me in political arguments, I have never wished you personally harm, nor wanted to see such, we clearly are not sympatico nor ever likely to get along, but that is a far cry in my books from wanting to see you harmed, hurt, or even negatively impacted in your life. So I mean this well wish for the year to come for you in whatever way it can for you. On that note, I'll take my leave once again.

thwap said...


I appreciate your comments. At least we know the roots of our differences. I do not wish you any harm either.

I thought it a good thing were this troll to read someone else's opinion abut the vileness of its behaviour. Personally, as I've always said, the hatred of these degenerates and cowards only makes me feel somehow vindicated.

At this point though, I'd really just love to hear it express the source of its pathological hatred and multi-year vendetta. (Unless it's just a random, insane fixation with no real foundation. In which case, I'd still have a sense of closure.)

the salamander said...

.. fight the battles you can win ..
.. and you did ..
.. Walk in Beauty ..

thwap said...

And peace be upon you salamander.

FWIW, ... I've lost 25 lbs and I'm feeling pretty buff these days

thwap said...

Well my little troll, you've had plenty of time to explain yourself.

I used to think there were some political differences at the root of your hatred for me. I was semi-interested in knowing what they were.

But apparently you're just a random sicko. Who I guess I shouldn't encourage.

Filcher said...

You must be doing something right to create such strong feelings of rejection by anon, or perhaps it is his latent homosexuality rising to the surface creating conflicts with his rightist views? I have always enjoyed your posts Thwap, and agree more than disagree. I have grown weary of arguing with people, though, and suspect our civilization will crash and burn sooner than later. I wonder how many will actually notice when it happens.

thwap said...


I had a wee bit of hesitation about your comment. I had a post once about closet cases.

But you're correct about the right-wing creating self-hating gays. So I let it stand.

What makes me so tired of arguing is the pointlessness of it all. Either with shameless liars or insecure lefties.

I see we're as one on the doom of humanity.