Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Don't Call Mosque Shooter "Deplorable"

It hurts the fee-feez of other Deplorables. Or, it forces "Deplorable Commanders" like Ezra Levant to have to type out words to the effect that however much they might be stirring up murderous bigotry with their wholesale smearing of all Muslims as terrorist death-culters, and how their refusal to condemn and banish all of those nut-bar fans of theirs who post murderous fantasies in the comments sections of their blogs, the LAST thing that they want to see is the murders of innocent people.

One of the only honest things that Hillary Clinton said after she stole the Democratic Party nomination for president was that Trump's followers were a "basket of deplorables." When called on this, instead of repudiating that statement, she should have refined it. The most outspoken Trump supporters are all homophobes, Islamophobes, misogynists and general racists. It's their whole fucking debased world-view. It's their whole hateful attitudes.

It's like this: They hate Black people because they believe that they are violent, lazy, greedy, sub-human parasites. And I hate the Deplorables only because they have such hideous, murderous bigotry festering inside their puny brains. I don't want to take away their legal, political, civil or general human rights. I don't want to deport them back to wherever it is they came from, because human stupidity is universal. I want society to change so that they are not pandered to by wealthy con-artists. I want our culture to change. I want our culture to be elevated so that the least stupid of the deplorables has the sense to be embarrassed enough about their hateful views so as to shut the fuck up and stay shut-up. And I want the culture to be elevated so that garbage like Islamophobia isn't blasted before their vile, hateful, tiny brains in such quantities that some of these individuals do what just happened in Quebec City.

I'd like a world where someone like Nick Kouvalis could just get a job somewhere, or decide on his own initiative that there's no place in the world for a hate-baiting huckster like him so he'll quietly drink himself to death.


Owen Gray said...

Unfortunately, thwap, hate has gone viral.

thwap said...

There's big money behind it.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Aren't various types of partisanships behind these acts as well?
Like, unconditional loyalty to their groups or (perceived) subcultural demographics?

People don't see each other as just people. It seems "necessary" to "have to" pigeonhole one another as "belonging to" some category.

thwap said...

Tar H.

Handy short-hands are useful at times. But we shouldn't imagine they're the whole story. And we shouldn't turn into seething bundles of murderous rage from them.