Monday, January 23, 2017

SUN Media, Kevin O'Leary, and thwap's critics

So, if you haven't already heard, I do the daily crosswords in the free dailies "Metro" (from TorStar) and "24 Hours" (from SUN Media). (The one in "24 Hours" is easy enough to do in 15 minutes. The "Metro" one I sometimes can't finish, not knowing the names of small towns across Canada, or the "stars" of Canadian television shows from the past few decades.)

I skim both papers with little interest. There's stuff here and there. "24 Hours" has a lot of empty fluff about celebrities. It's really easy to see how right-wing media creates a culture that elevates something like Donald Trump to the presidency. This constant attention on the "lifestyles of the rich and famous" drivel resonates with some people somehow. Gawd knows that these semi-fascist media types push it constantly.

So, now it seems that SUN Media has decided that former CBC "star" Kevin O'Leary is to be Canada's Donald Trump. As if Canada needs its own Donald Trump! Just yesterday, they featured him on the cover of the Toronto Sun, comparing him favourably to Kathleen Wynne. (There's "liberal vs conservative" for you. A corrupt, sleazy, arrogant corporate shill who happens to be a lesbian, against a boorish, loud-mouthed, ignoramus con-man. I won't root for either of them.)

What's the matter SUN Media? Do you miss your glory days of championing ignorant, racist, sexist, drunken, lazy, stupid, complete hypocrite, international laughing-stock Rob Ford? I mean, seriously, what is your fascination with giant, thick shit-stains? (Perhaps you see enough of yourselves in those glistening brown lines?)

Kevin O'Leary made a lot of money by selling a lot of garbage to some moron at Mattel toys. That's it. How he avoided jail time for selling that crap and then dumping Mattel stock before everyone else did is a darned good question. After that? Nothing. Apparently his picks for business ventures to fund on his tee-vee shows haven't been very good. His other business ventures have been duds. His investment fund has been a failure. And, while it's not entirely fair to point it out, it is darned good fun to watch him lose embarrassingly while playing Celebrity Jeopardy.

He blurts out a lot of simplistic right-wing crap. Just like that ranting, racist, demented codger calling reporters "lying pieces of shit" at one of stephen harper's last, doomed rallies. (It's touching that the codger showed he didn't have the slightest clue about what he said the journalists were lying about. Typical right-wing moron.)

Here's my prediction for O'Leary: I give him a 40% chance of winning the leadership. If he manages to win the leadership, he'll lose the subsequent election. He's not as big a "star" as Trump was. He's not as clearly racist as Trump is. He hasn't spent decades in the public eye with fine pieces of female eye-candy on his arm the way Trump has. (Trump trades them in for newer models every ten years or so.) And this has allowed sexist, white "alpha-male" wannabes in the USA to admire and want to emulate him. In short; O'Leary is and will be a non-entity to most Canadian voters, no matter how desperately the asshole-idiots at SUN Media try to fluff him.

I'll respond to my critics tomorrow. Time's a-wastin'.

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