Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Putin's Rearing Head

So, yesterday it was established that Russia is much poorer and weaker than the United States. As such, it would be foolish of any Russian leader to provoke a conflict with the United States. Unless said leader was insane. Which Putin isn't. At least not to that extent. (It was also established that almost all the top politicians in evil systems of political-economy are a little more psychopathic than average folks.) (Oh yeah. I also discussed the evil and insane nature of capitalist society.)

"But what about the Ukraine thwap?? What about Crimea??? What about Syria??? What about the murdered journalists???? Putin is a BAD MAN!!!!!"

First of all, the murdered journalists: Yes. Putin IS a BAD MAN. I've never said otherwise. (Just as I've always agreed that Trump is a bad man. Just as I agree that many of Trump's most fervid followers are troglodytes.) Putin has had people killed. This is bad. But should we start a war with Russia then? Should we support US efforts to destabilize Russia and topple Putin? In the actual world that we're living in, what would be the results of the USA successfully removing Putin from power?

Well, this is where you liberals have to pull your heads out of your asses and face reality! The US political-economic system is evil. It's leadership is evil. They would either let Russia fall entirely to pieces, causing great dislocation and misery. Or they will install yet another loathsome stooge in the tradition of Boris Yeltsin. And we remember how bad Yeltsin was. He was so bad that a great deal of Putin's domestic support comes from the fact that he has reversed the steep decline in Russia's fortunes that were the result of the drunken buffoon Yeltsin's slavish devotion to Western diktat.

I was going to find a link and a quote to how badly the Russian Federation suffered under Yeltsin, but all I could find was propaganda. Either sources like Russia Today, which I didn't bother reading, or (and in much greater number) pro-Western drivel that downplays the role of neo-liberal hack economists and neo-liberal scum politicians in thoroughly discrediting "democracy" in the eyes of the Russian people. One British source disgustingly referred to the "proclivity" of Russian men to die young during those years. As if this "proclivity" was only indulged during the Yeltsin years and (for some reason) discarded in the Putin years. No. I remember at the time reading about the explosion of vast inequality, incredibe poverty, intense suffering and misery, caused by Yeltsin's imposition of these barbaric and stupid policies. I remember how the IMF blatantly intervened in Yeltsin's final re-election campaign with an entirely political multi-billion dollar loan. (Because otherwise he would have been defeated and the looting of Russia's resources would slow down.) You can read the chapter on Russia in Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine for background on this. The Russians were made homeless in the tens of thousands. Their health care system collapsed. Unemployment sky-rocketed, inflation sky-rocketed and savings were wiped-out. The people who died in their millions to defeat Hitler for us; the people for whom Western leaders and propagandists extended so much concern for their well-being when they suffered under the yoke of communism, were left to their miserable fates by these same leaders and propagandists so long as the "free-market" was obeyed.

Putin is a gangster. An autocrat. He has his own circle of oligarchs. But he brought the worst of the Yeltsin era policies to an end. The Russian's living standards went from hideous to merely grim. And for that, the Russian people are evidently grateful. But to do this, Putin has had to exercise some independence from Western, which is to say, US-American demands. And make no mistake about it: THAT is what the vermin in Washington D.C., London (and Ottawa) finds so objectionable about Putin. Just as they did with Libya's Qaddafi, Iraq's Saddam, Venezuela's Chavez and now Syria's Assad. Look at the subsidies, favours, indulgences given to the mass-murdering but pro-Western Israelis or the vile, head-chopping but pro-Western House of Saud to see what you can get away with so long as you toe the line.

Putin used Russian satellites to tell the world that the supposedly ultimate evil of ISIS was using mile-long convoys of tanker trucks to ship oil from their Iraq conquests to Turkey. Who in Turkey was receiving this oil? Why hadn't the NATO air campaign targeted these convoys? If Russian satellites could see them, then surely US-American ones could? Make no mistake about it: This is Putin's sin. He has enough power and enough independence to frustrate US policies. That's it. For that he must be toppled. For exposing the "War on Terror" for the bullshit that it is, he must be removed. The plan for the Middle East is weakness and instability. Because this is a breeding ground for terrorism. And terrorism helps continue the justification for the Military-Industrial complex. This also keeps Arab alternatives to the super-corrupt stooge dictatorships from ever being realized. And don't forget, Baathist Syria once annoyed the racist scum in Israel. It must be destroyed.

The US-American leadership want a world safe for capitalist monsters to gambol and cavort and exploit and destroy. There must be no opposition; none whatsoever to their monstrosity. No matter how willing to play along they might be: Any shred of independence is intolerable and must be stamped out. Putin has elevated a highly conservative Russian Orthodox Church to great social inflluence (and this is to the great social regression of the Russians), he has created within Russia's borders a capitalist paradise of no regulations, miniscule taxation and little in the way of workers' rights. But he exercises an independent foreign policy and restricts the power of foreigners to embezzle Russian wealth. That is why he is being targeted.

That and because the mass-murdering, corrupt scum-bag Hillary Clinton needs to deflect from her own miserable failure and unpopularity and her corruption.

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