Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Fake Scandal and the Toxic Trudeau Haters Part III

So, to review from parts I and II, ... It is upsetting that the Trudeau government interfered with the independence of the legal system on behalf of the powerful, Liberal-supporting, super-corrupt engineering firm SNC-Lavalin for crass political purposes. And it is stupid, self-defeating behaviour for self-proclaimed "progressives" to twist themselves into pretzels trying to defend this sleazy behaviour, just because the main opposition party is worse.

It is the way that these "progressives" ignore reality, put their fingers in their ears and shout "I can't hear you!" and become apologists for all sorts of evils, that I want to address with this post. (This applies to all partisans of all stripes. I said the same sorts of things to nearby NDP'rs who tried to defend Bob Rae against leftist critics [like me] by saying that we HAD to stick with him because the opposition was worse. It obviously applies to the mental wreaks who inhabit the Conservative Party of Canada. But such stupidity is to be expected from those types and they're most all of them, beyond redemption.)

I do not worship at the altar of St. Jody Wilson-Raybould. Firstly, I didn't pay much attention to her. Apparently the Mound of Sound did. He was highly critical of her legislation in response to the Supreme Court's ruling that the terminally ill have a right to death with dignity. Peace and social justice activist Matthew Behrens has consistently criticized her (along with her new friend and ally Jane Philpott and the entire Trudeau government) for their continued abuse of Canada's First Nations.

Was Wilson-Raybould angry at being demoted from the post of attorney-general? It seems so.

Bah! Blogging doesn't pay. I'll end this series by simply saying that Jody Wilson-Raybould might just be resentful of being demoted. Regardless, the asshat Liberal partisans are embarrassing themselves with lie after lie and smear after smear and denial after denial. They're spinning EVERYTHING as if it's Saint Justin Trudeau vs. All The Hordes of Hell. In so doing, they're imitating their shit-head cousins in the USA. The Hillary-bot dead-enders who refuse to accept reality and then stumble about in a daze wondering why everyone hates them.

Yes. Andrew Scheer is a hateful, Christo-fascist nazi just like the human garbage he panders to. The Conservative Party of Canada is a hate group and their existence as a party is an indictment of our culture.

That doesn't mean the Liberals aren't a different form of slime.

We're all idiots.

I can't take it anymore.


zoombats said...

Yeah Man! I'm done. I got sucked in on the last one. I won't listen to any of the noise anymore and just park my vote in the Green space. Just for fun I clicked on Creekside on your blog roll because I realized I hadn't seen a post for a long time. The last post is interesting.

thwap said...


This country has zero awareness of how thoroughly we let harper "roger" our system of government. It's all just cynicism and stupidity now. And corruption.