Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Stupid stephen harper

stephen harper is lowlife degenerate scum who desecrated what little we have of democracy in this country, so I have no compunction against mocking and insulting him and his laughable attempt to write a fucking book. And if doing so has the practical effect of puncturing a balloon-headed moron who is supposedly the "mastermind" behind the political bowel movement of conservatism, so much the better.

So, now I'm going to deal with his prologue. Here he starts off talking about watching Donald Trump become the president of the United States and how, unlike how for many other people, this didn't take harper as a complete surprise. FWIW it didn't take me by surprise either. And I apparently got there earlier than harper did. Because Trump was demolishing his Republican rivals because they were offering more of the neo-liberal crap (called the "Washington Consensus" for a reason) that had gotten the country into the sorry state that it is. Trump, meanwhile (and however insincerely) was promising to renege on free trade deals and thereby bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA and to get the country out of the endless wars in the Middle East and elsewhere that (apparently) even right-wingers are heartily sick of. The policies of his rivals, that were so unpopular were, by the way, the same policies that harper had done his level-best to bring to Canada.

harper mentions how Trump wasn't really a "conservative" and that his "birtherism" made him appear a fool and a bigot. And if Trump is a fool and a bigot, then who voted for him? Here comes a quote typical of the hypocrisy and pomposity that gives harper's book its own peculiar smell:

For many liberals, wedded to the belief that those who disagree with them are fools and bigots by definition, that answer [that Trump's voters are also fools and bigots] may be good enough. For us conservatives, who fancy ourselves students of human nature and human experience, it should not. The ones with the foolish and preconceived notions were those who got it so wrong. It is time to re-examine our assumptions.

Awww! Now why would progressives think that conservatives are fools? Is it because they vote for shambling, hypocritical embarrassments like the Ford brothers? Is it because they "support the troops" by voting for political parties that do the most to abuse the troops when they are injured, maimed and useless? Is it because they often don't understand the first fucking thing about how the world works? And why would we call them "bigots"? Just because they hate all Muslims as terrorist death-cultists? Because Andrew Scheer stood at the same platform at the same event and spoke to the same crowd that had listened to a goddamned WHITE SUPREMACIST (Faith Goldy)? Is it because Trump denied Barack Obama was an American because his skin was dark? That Trump continued to call for the execution of the Black and Brown-skinned Central Park Five even after DNA evidence proved their innocence? Is it because of their monstrous hatred of the First Nations?

Shut the fuck-up you goddamned whining snowflake!

And "students of human nature"? Hi-fucking-larious! Morons, hypocrites and closet-cases. stephen harper himself is a pompous ass who insisted (against all protocols) that the CAF salute him, as their "commander-in-chief" even though that ceremonial role is held by the Crown. And then when he heard gunfire in the halls of Parliament outside the Conservative Party caucus room, this "warrior-chieftain" ran to a broom closet to wet himself.

These imbecilic scum will call for "hard time" and long prison sentences for people accused of drug crimes but when one of their own turns out to be a criminal addict they will weep piteously and say they pray their friend gets help to wrestle with his (infrequently her) demons.

No harper, you're not a student of human nature and experience. You're a plodding dullard and an emotional basket-case.

harper then concludes with the unoriginal (but strange given his own contributions) observation that public policy in the OECD over the last couple of decades hasn't benefited ordinary people and how we have to figure out why this happened and what to do about it. The fact that progressives have been saying this the entire time and have laid-out numerous policies to help ordinary people is either deliberately ignored by harper or he's so insanely deluded that he can't even process it. he can't even make the connection between his fighting with leftist opposition to his policies and the fact that leftists were criticizing the policies he himself is now saying haven't worked.

The prologue continues but my energy (and interest) flags for the day. Stay tuned.

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