Monday, July 29, 2019

The Mueller Hearings: Russiagate's Last Fart?

So it turned out that people weren't turned-on by the Mueller Report. Probably because a lot of US-Americans simply don't care and because Mueller couldn't find any evidence of collusion. As a matter of fact, Mueller found that the charges were baseless. Carter Page wasn't a Russian agent. He was a non-entity. Paul Manafort wasn't trading vital election information with the Russians. He was sharing polling data (much of publicly available) to a Ukrainian State Department asset. The Internet Research Agency really is just a troll farm and its spending on Facebuck ads during the 2016 election amounted to $50,000 (with some of those ads being anti-Trump). The Steele Dossier was based on hearsay from foreign sources. Manafort didn't visit Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

All of it, the whole fucking things, was crap. From start-to-finish. So of course, people worrying about their healthcare bills, their jobs, climate change, etc., etc., really can't be expected to care about such piffle.

But the Democratic Party establishment and the Military-Industrial Complex are too invested in "Russiagate" to give up easily. Both of them need to build up Russia as an enemy of the USA in order to justify spending on the military and the Democratic Party itself needs to direct conversation about Hillary Clinton's loss to Trump to anything else besides the widespread unpopularity of neoliberalism. And, sadly, a lot of people (generally the types who would vote enthusiastically for the Democrats or the Liberal Party of Canada) have bought-in to this ridiculousness.

And now the narrative is that Trump obstructed the Mueller Investigation and THAT is why Mueller couldn't find evidence of collusion. But that's absolute nonsense. Here is a list of the 10 instances where Mueller says Trump's behaviour could be characterized as "obstruction" and NONE OF THEM have anything to do with blocking Mueller from investigating things.

Apparently the Democrats in Congress wanted Mueller to testify and Mueller didn't want to. But the Democrats insisted and got their public Mueller testimony. And it was a disaster. Now, Robert Mueller is 74 years old. It's possible he's going senile. It's also possible that acting like a tired, doddering old man makes it easier to refuse to answer questions or feign ignorance on matters of substance. It's also possible that Mueller is well aware that he's part of a cynical political game of distraction and scapegoating and he has little enthusiasm for a live public performance.

Either way, he did not breath life into the Report. And so now, liberal pundits and every other "Russiagate" pusher are saying: "Mueller's job wasn't to ENTERTAIN you! He was talking about IMPORTANT FACTS and if you'd rather be staring at porn or monster trucks then you're the reason this country has turned to shit!" Except that Mueller didn't really provide any facts. He refused to answer 198 of the questions he was asked and often told his questioners to read the Report (which he appeared to have a hazy grasp of himself).

Perhaps with this pathetic little squeaking fart, the whole "Russiagate" obsession is well and truly over. Pelosi isn't going to impeach Trump over "obstruction" or anything else. This whole farce was a waste of time and with this dismal pair of hearings it might well and truly be dead.

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