Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Why I Won't Be Voting Conservative

Are you fucking nuts? Yesterday's post about the stinkyness of the Liberals in no way, shape, or form, means that I'd actually consider voting for the troglodytes of the Conservative Party.  Those idiots blurt out one racist statement or policy after another, deny that such a thing as racism exists (unless it's anti-white racism, which a google search turned-up a treasure-trove of examples of), and then shriek about the racism of others, whether real or imagined. They praise themselves to High Heaven for their love and devotion and creaming of themselves over "THE TROOPS" and then shit all over them when they get injured or traumatized from combat. They proudly advertise their ignorance, delusion and enslavement by the fossil fuels industry in denying global warming. They're the biggest hypocrites, the biggest morons, the most shameless grifters, the most pathetic sexual spastics, the most callous, arrogant, selfish rich fucks. The most deluded, scammed chumps.

They totally debased themselves under stephen pants-pissing-coward harper, when they violated EVERY SINGLE PRINCIPLE of parliamentary government. From denying Parliament information it was entitled to. To sabotaging the work of committees. To refusing summonses. To altering documents. To brazen lying in Parliament. To stealing elections through fraud.

The fact that this group of scum is still viable is an indictment of our entire society. Especially of our media. Especially the corporate, oligarchic newsletter the Globe & Mail. Who go out of their way to attempt to humanize and normalize these human abominations. But what can you expect from a newspaper that kept that lazy, lying, plagiarizing bitch Margaret Wente on its editorial page for decades? And which recently recently gave racist grifter Ezra Levant space on that page as well?

No. There is no way in hell that I would ever consider voting for such garbage. In fact, the last federal and provincial elections I voted Liberal in my riding because it is only a two-way race between the Liberals and the Conservatives here.

The fact that I will never vote Liberal again will never mean that I'd vote for the monstrosity of the Conservative Party of Canada.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Kind of ironic, when one thinks about it, that Theodore Roosevelt---early 20th-century U.S. President---was such a bonafide conservationist, whose signature enabled the creation of more national parks and expanded the area of protected natural forests by 400%, was a Republican.

Does seem the Republican party is not only betraying the average citizen and even their own countries, but also a lot of the original and early standards, criteria, and priorities of their own party itself as well.

thwap said...


At one time the Republicans (besides being the "Party of Lincoln") were also the party of tariffs and industrialization. (The Democrats in the slave states preferred selling their cotton for higher prices to Britain and receiving British manufactures.)

Eventually though, the Republicans became the party of the banks and the monopolists. The Democrats became (sort of) the party of small farmers and immigrant workers and the slave states. FDR tried to fight the influence of the South but the process didn't really end until LBJ.