Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Harper's Woes ...

T'was reading the Globe n' Mail this morning. Article called: "Harper's having trouble playing in his own end."

One part reads: "After an early autumn in which his government regularly and successfully divided the opposition - particularly Stephane Dion's Liberals - Mr. Harper's Conservatives have found themselves dealing with a series of negative events."

It occurred to me that Harper was successful when he was trying to be destructive, but with his present unpopularity (a result of the nauseatingly bad high policy of his government) and traditional conservative corruption and incompetence beginning to blossom, making his enemies look bad isn't going to save him.

This latest mutation of "conservatism" is an empty shell, but for the lingering stench of the foul soul that died within it long ago.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Yep, the HarpoonTosser's good at tossin'. He ain't so good at catchin' or dodgin'. The AECL thing's gonna hurt him. I think there's some stinky stuff gonna come out. AECL's up for sale and there are billions involved -- millions in commissions, too. When Harper dragged Parliament into the fully manufactured and entirely avoidable isotope crisis, he showed he ain't workin' for Canajuns. I ain't sure exactly who he is working for. It might be MDS or GE or Westinghouse. It ain't Canada.


thwap said...

So we understand his dilemma don't we? He's a third-rate snakeoil salesman with a product that discredits itself.

How to pitch it while still maintaining his self-importance and sell more crap further down the road?