Monday, December 3, 2007

Gary McHale gets bruised

Well, it had to happen I suppose. Hypocritical Christian and full-time racist Gary McHale got clobbered by persons unknown when he dragged his posse of self-righteous whiners out to the Six Nations protest in Caledonia today.

The OPP say charges are pending after a protest rally over a native-operated smoke shop erupted into violence. Two people, including controversial figure Gary McHale, were injured during the
melee on Saturday morning.McHale suffered a bruised rib, black eye and head and feet injuries.

Cue the closeted racists to appear and start denouncing First Nations violence, roused from their blissful sleep, where they were not dreaming about over one-hundred years of broken treaties and "two-tier justice" against the First Nations.

Note to the banned: Your links aren't being considered because your track record on everything has been disastrous, and Gary McHale has been a complete idiot and a hypocrite for over a year now, so he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! There's more in the Brantford Suppositor.

If you go lookin' fer a fight, it ain't hard to find one. BTW, some o' the charges they might be layin' are assault charges against McHale.

McHale sez he's plannin' to move to Caledonia. He don't get enough press in Richmond Hill. This McHale an' Fleming are rabble-rousin' racists. McHale's gonna be playin' the martyr card, just watch. He's like them other terrists.


thwap said...

What's more, the media will probably treat him sympathetically.

An entire two-page interview (albeit with a big photo) in the Spec once, and they never asked him to account for "two-tier justice" applied against First Nations.

Not my cat said...

Video of McHale and the incident at the (Six Nations) turtle Island News:

Mithrandir said...

From what I saw on the video there is no indication of McHale assaulting the woman at all. She does approach him and says "Dont you %^&*^ push me!" But up until this point it appears as if he is looking in another direction, as if he takes no notice of her. There is no visable push from McHale. But when she says "Dont push me!" and pushed him, he replies "I did not push you!"

I think the woman in the video should be charged with filing false charges.

Also I am not sure what you people are basing your assessment of McHale as full-time racist on. Highly unfair. Because he does not believe in two-tier justice? Where has he expounded the belief that one race is superior to another?
Do you have anything to back up that he is a racist or do you just fling this around at whim?

thwap said...


I don't know who charged him, or what the bases of the charges were.

McHale is a racist idiot because the only "two-tier justice" he's capable of perceiving is that enjoyed by the First Nations in Caledonia and at other political demonstrations.

He's somehow incapable of noticing the unequal treatment they regularly receive from the Canadian justice system. They are harassed more by the police, they receive harsher sentences from the courts, and they get treated worse once in prison.

McHale and his defenders either have their heads stuck deep up their asses, and/or they're racist simpletons, for them to be oblivious to these truths for so long.

Mithrandir said...

But Thwap, that in itself is not racism. I mean the fact that he has another opinion on the matter does not mean that he thinks he is racially superior. That is unreasonable thinking. From what I saw in the video too there is no push from McHale. You dont even bother to address that fact. And then he was beaten up. And you make this out to be something great. That is not very fair-minded. Also I think in Caledonia people are getting fed up with having their main street blocked. And what about the old fellow whose car window was punched in by the protesters, in view of the cops, and had to be taken to the hospital for a heart attack. I suppose it is racist if he were to complain as well.

thwap said...

Well Mith,

You'll notice tht I never accused McHale of assaulting anyone. He's been charged and he'll get his day in court. That's why I'm not addressing that point.

I'm thoroughly prepared to accept the possibilty that McHale is just a complete, utter moron, with his fat head shoved tightly up his fat ass, rather than a racist moron.

It's entirely possible that he really is incensed by this failure to enforce the rule of law in Caledonia, and has for over a year remained absolutely clueless as to the injustices suffered by Aboriginals for over a CENTURY.

But somehow, I doubt that he is as totally stupid as you're making him out to be.

With regards to your asserions of how I feel about that older gentleman who was assaulted, I discussed that earlier on my blog. I did not applaud the attack on him, an I think the OPP's response was sensible and professional.

Since you like to put word in people's mouths and insist that they respond to all your points, or else, I'm going to mention that you didn't respond to my point about the "two-tier justice" against the First Nations, (harrassment, harsher sentencing, harsher treatment in prison), and I'm going to assert that you must be okay, or at least indifferent to this problem, making you a hypocrite and probably a racist.

Mithrandir said...

Well now wait a minute. How about backing that up with some sort of citation? All you say is Natives get longer and harsher prison terms. I could just easily say the same thing. You make this claim but you provide no link to actual information about this.

Native treatments for the last 100 years!! What the hell does that have to do with the fact that McHale was standing there, did nothing, and got beaten by some cowards who ganged up on him. That's no excuse. People can't excuse everything with racism and bad treatment. You don't see Jewish people going around beating up people and saying "you know the holocaust and all".

Seriously now. The protestors who punched the window out in the old man's car and gave him a heart attack. Well they weren't arrested. And when they beat up the cameraman who was filming it, no one was arrested. Yet you would have me believe that the government would jump on something like that and lock natives about for 1000 years. All the countless examples of violence committed by the so-called non-violent natives, and so few arrests. This certainly does not seem to gel with your theory.

Meanwhile McHale was arrested once for committing the horrendous heinous crime of trying to plant a Canadian flag on the protest area. How horribly violent!

The reason I did not address your response about two-tier justice in the first place is because it has little to do with the topic you actually started. Which is basically your expression of joy and humor over a man who was innocent being beaten up, and he himself getting arrested for it. Seriously. Do you think that's justified?

thwap said...

"Native treatments for the last 100 years!! What the hell does that have to do with the fact that McHale was standing there, did nothing, and got beaten by some cowards who ganged up on him."

Tell you what, Mr. Tiresomely Self-Righteous, why don't you take a day to reflect about how asinine that question is?

McHale's whole shtick, in case you're too dense to get it, is that the First Nations are getting all the breaks and poor white folks are being held hostage to their "terrorism." And if you were able to grasp that, I'll explain why that's stupid, in case you're too dense to understand why it's stupid.

Because the First Nations have suffered from discrimantory treatment for over one-hundred years. Treaties have been broken, resources plundered, assistance denied, and bigotry has faced them at almost every turn.

As a result, some of them have become militant and angry. And the OPP understands this. And they understand that they have been the source of much of this discriminatory treatment.

This is a political stand-off, not a simplistic policing matter.

Here's some readings for you:

In the meantime, I simply don't have time for your hypocritical bleatings about the sufferings of white people only.

You can either read what's at those links and discuss this situation sensibly, or you can fuck off. I honestly don't give a shit.

Mithrandir said...

Lol....thats fresh. Look McHale hasnt done anything violent accept express disagreement. If his arguments are so incorrect then the natives should be able to debate with him rather than beat him up and post videos about it which actually end up making them look even worse.

Seriously. I am not sure what you are referring to here. But did McHale treat the natives bad for 100 years. Was it the citizens of Caledonia? Have Caledonians been beating up natives relentlessly? I am not just referring to the suffering of white people. I am saying that the fact that natives have suffered does not give them a right to go around beating people who had nothing to do with it. And they should be arrested.

It seems the only style of debate you have is to just call people self-righteous for not agreeing with you or full-time racists for disagreeing with your position. It used to work. But now people are seeing through that crap.

Alot of the Haldimand land was sold. Natives now claim that those documents are false, but the only evidence they provide is oral history, which for any other people would be called Hearsay times 100.

It's high time that natives stopped blaming the world for their own problems. Sure bad things have happened, but you can't always use that as an excuse to get your way. There is no reason this day in age for natives to complain. No tax, free secondary education. I am sure there is racism, but lots of people face that without setting up road blocks and beating people up and holding up emergency vehhicles. Ask the Jews who had trouble getting jobs for a long time. You dont see them acting like that.

You posted this about McHale. Here are the facts of the case. You bring in all this native treatment stuff. But here is the case. He organized a counter protest. He published info on his website. You can disagree with that or debate it all you want. But he is allowed to have his position. There is nothing racist about thinking that this day in age we ought to have the same rules for all people, native or non. That fishing and hunting laws should be the same for both. That is not racist. That is the opposite of racist.

Now so this guy, did not attack anyone. But people dont like what he is saying. They are free to disagree, but instead, they set him up and beat him up.

And they should be charged. Nobody can say "oh well the last hundred years have been hard" and get away with beating someone up who never hurt them.

I will look at your websites. But it has no relevance to the fact that McHale was beaten for doing nothing. It has no relevance to the fact that that old man had his window punched in, or that Gaultieri was put in the hospital. Those are crimes.

Mithrandir said...

"McHale's whole shtick, in case you're too dense to get it, is that the First Nations are getting all the breaks and poor white folks are being held hostage to their "terrorism." "

So what. You can disagree with him. That does not warrant a beating. He is making a good point. The natives here are committing violent crimes and hardly anything is being done. Being native is not a license to get away with that stuff.

g said...

Being Gary McHale is not a reason to go looking for a fight either, but he does.

Mithrandir said...

But Gary McHale did not look for a fight. Watch the video. He is standing there. The woman pushes him. Having an opposing position on an issue is not looking for a fight. It's called freedom of conscience. And the natives are acting totalitarian with the idea that its ok to beat people who non-violently expound an idea they don't like.

thwap said...

Hey Mithry,

Did'ja read those links? Any comments?

p.s. "totalitarian" ? hyperbole

Mithrandir said...

I never read the links yet. I dont see what it has to do with McHale though.

And really you know it has nothing to do with McHale. In the end yes, "totalitarian" is the appropriate word. Perhaps you labour under the completely racist assumption that only caucasians are capable of being so horrible.

I'll explain. McHale is not committing violent acts, only expounding his ideas that there is two-tier justice and backing it up with his own stories from Caledonia. Whether or not you agree with what he says is immaterial. In a free society people have a right to their opinion. But people here seem to say that expressing that opinion is asking for a fight. So basically what you are saying is that its ok for Natives to protest or stand for something, but if McHale does so, and commits no violence (while the natives commit violence frequently) that McHale's non-violent opinion expression warrants a beating. He was asking for a fight because he had made a stand on the issue?

Do any of your links have any reference to something that McHale did to native people?

If not then they are irrelevant to the matter. And there is no point in me wasting me time reading them.

I suppose you also support the IRA because at one time England was not completely saintlike regarding the Irish.

Now lets examine the facts. McHale organizes a protest and publishes his views on a website. He does not express any ideas of racial superiority, just makes his arguments about whats happening and why he does not support it. And he did not attack the woman. She set him up and attacked him. In the end McHale did nothing violent. The natives did. They are the criminals in this matter, not McHale.

Mithrandir said...

I just read one of your links. It certainly has nothing to do with the attack on McHale.

The one I read was something like a native boy somewhere is likely to have one stay in prison before a certain age.

Now, provide a link that shows that that native boy didnt so something to deserve that stay.

That is like saying. Well there are not enough women in prison, so we should start arresting more women. :P

A few years ago I hitch-hiked to a Tea Party concert. I was picked up by a truck driver. Nice fellow. He was native. He talked about how rough the reserves are and how people around him did nothing to take on their own responsibility to drag themselves out of it. But he said he left. He told me not to party on the reserves. He said it is fucked up in alot of those places. And he said that blaming it on everyone else is what keeps it going on.

It's not a racial thing. It's a segregationist culture thing. And no one says natives have to stay there.

I am not excusing white people for anything theyve done. But the time has come to stop blaming them. Natives are just as bad. And can be just as racist. And if they refuse to see that, they will refuse to take responsibility.

And when the OPP says we will let them off on this and that. Its racism. Not against white people either. Its racist against the native people. Its tantamount to saying these people are "hopeless", no point treating them like everyone else. They need special care.

thwap said...


How slow do I have to type before you're able to grasp the connection between those links and McHale's racist shtick about two-tier justice?

You've provided me with a lot of stupidity and it'll take me some time to go through it all ... family stuff is calling ... tomorrow then.

Mithrandir said...

You are pretty much losing this argument.

McHale has formed the opinion along with many others that their is two-tier justice in Caledonia.

And he provides examples of violent behaviour by native individuals and then says they were not arrested. McHale has done nothing violent. He simply has an opinion and publishes it, that you happen not to agree with. Whether or not he is wrong is immaterial. I think he is right. You think he is wrong. We can argue this til we are blue in the face. McHale has a right to his opinion and expressing that is not a crime. And expressing it non-violently is certainly not a crime.

In the end what happens is they set him up because they don't like what he is saying. If what he is reporting is just idiocy then why would they be so concerned about him that they'd feel the need to beat him up.

And do you generally take the position that is one's legal right to beat up someone who expresses an opposing opinion.

You post a link that says more natives are arrested. Well perhaps more men are arrested than women. Does that mean it is unfair? Perhaps there is more crime there. This is why you now have to provide a link which suggests natives are being arrested more unjustly. Because if crime is more rampant then it is certainly not unjust to arrest more native individuals if more native individuals happen to be doing so.

Having an opinion about the matter and the justice of it is not a racist shtick. Is it racist to have an opinion which opposes the agenda of the Six Nations?

thwap said...

Whoa! Slow down there Mithry! I can only process so much raw stupidity all at once!

That's an interesting debating tactic you've got there!

"A century of abuse of First Nations at the hands of the Canadian state does NOT make Gary McHale a racist hypocrite for decrying 'two-tier justice' in Caledonia."

"You're pretty much losing this argument."

"Two plus two does NOT equal four. I don't know why you would say it does. I don't even know why 'four' is even relevant to the discussion."

"I'm not even going to read your links."

Too bad, so sad, asshole.

But the abuse of the First Nations, and our broken promises to them are relevant.

What you're doing Mithry, is pretty simple to understand, and pretty sickening. Like Gary McHale, you only come crawling out of the woodwork when First Nations peoples fight back for their rights. Then you're all fired up about the rule of law.

When it's business as usual, and treaties and promises are being violated and First Nations are being systematically abused, ... you're silent.

You talk about people seeing through the bullshit of calling everything they don't like as "racist," ... but on the contrary, decent people worked a long time so that most of society can see through your bullshit about the "rule of law." You don't really subscribe to the rule of law. If you did, you'd be just as passionate about resolving the claims around the Haldimand Grant, and other areas of injustice against the First Nations.

OHRC on racial profiling

Mithrandir said...

I think only one of those quotes you cited are actually mine. The others are your own concoction. You are losing this argument plain and simple.

McHale did nothing violent but express his opinion. His opinion as to which side he favours in this argument is not racist. If that were so then it would be racist to disagree with a native. He has never expressed the belief that one race is superior to another. He is arguing his point, his case. And in a free society everyone can do that. He did not punch out an elderly man's car window. He did not beat up mr. Gaultieri. All he did was take his side and explain his reasons. He was beaten for this. Those are the facts.

You have a much more interesting debating tactic here. Citing quotes that were never made.

So basically you think it is ok because some native individuals have been treated badly to beat people up and such. You think the law should ignore it when they punch in the windows of an elderly mans car, or when they beat a man who did nothing but stand there.

thwap said...


You are a very slow-witted, stupid person.

Gary McHale is either a moron, or a racist, and most likely much of the former as well as all of the latter.

You simply cannot seriously bitch and whine about "two-tier justice" for over a year while remaining silent about documented oppression and injustice against First Nations people for over a century without being either colossally ignorant or a cynical conniving racist.

You might actually believe the drivel you've been typing here, which would put you in the stupid category. On the other hand, you might be one of those faux-naif right-wing monsters who wears a cloak of civility to mask their barbarism.

McHale has cleaned up his earlier website I notice. As well as the god-awful format, he's also excised much of the blatantly hateful garbage that he was celebrating a year ago.

I notice that you're prone to mouthing the racist inanities of Harper's pal, Tom Flanagan.


I'm also noticing that you like to invent facts. If you'll remember correctly, the guys who assaulted Gaulteri were all arrested, which was what I said should have happened at the time. Neither I, nor the OPP, ever advocated letting any of the protestors get away with that assault.

By the way, it should have been obvious that I my "quotes" were meant to illustrate a point about the quality of your statements, and were not intended to stand as quotations of what you actually said.

Mithrandir said...


Now you are losing control of yourself.

You are not maing points at all, but doing a little name-calling routine. And this suggests to me that you are losing this arguments and rather than stick to the merits of your position, you just call me stupid without explaining why.

Tne you make some reference to some racist inanities, when I have not said anything racist. You trying to mud-fling now.

None of this changes the facts.

I did not invent the facts either. With the Gaultieri case I never said no one was arrested. I was pointing out the violence in Caledonia which doesnt seem to draw as much outrage from you as McHale standing there.

McHale did nothing violent and he was violently beaten.

thwap said...


I'm going to go with the option that you actually believe the shit you type.

I am calling you stupid because you seem incapable of seeing the relevance behind over a century of oppression and discrimination and injustice on the issue of the hypocrisy of McHale's idiocy about "two-tier justice."

And I'm calling McHale a racist, because I don't believe that he's as stupid as you're making him out to be (ie., as stupid as you appear to be). McHale has invented this "two-tier justice" shtick as a useful tool to beat down a group of people that he doesn't like. McHale obviously doesn't give a shit about "justice for all" because if he did, he'd he speaking just as much for justice for First Nations. At least to mitigate his yammering about equal justice in this particular place at this particular time.

Now then, this is my blog, and while I could publish more of the same crap from you, I'm going to now insist that you write a defence of your position that the sufferings and injustices suffered by Canada's First Nations is irrelevant in this case. I want you to try to argue and prove (rather than just groundlessly assert) that McHale isn't an ignoramus or a bigot.

You're free to ignore my request, just as I'm free to reject further useless drivel from you.

Personally, I'm not going to lose sleep over whether McHale started it or not. I think he's contemptible. Whether he's guilty of assault or not, we'll see. He'll get his day in court, and if there's reasonable doubt about his guilt then he should walk.

For the rest of it, I find your position to be idiotic and revolting. As I say, you're vermin, who come crawling out of the woodwork to make noises about decorum and non-violence, only when it suits you, and regardless of the context. And I've played with others of your ilk before. Their loyalty to the "rule of law" turns out to be very flexible, depending on the context, and I'm sure you're no better, and no more worth me wasting my time with you.

So; yes, yes, I call people names, including the dreaded word "stupid." But sometimes some people just are "stupid," and while I'm sure its discomfitting to find yourself on the receiving end of it, I'm afraid that's where things stand at the moment.

Again, PROVE the impossible. PROVE that the discretion being exercised by the OPP is "two-tier justice" and that the injustices perpetrated against the First Nations for over a century, are irrelevant to this matter. PROVE that McHale isn't a racist or a moron or both. Or fuck off.

Mithrandir said...

The general rule is that one does not have to prove someone is not something. The burden of proof is on the one making the charge.

Here is the difference between the way you and I think (or also McHale). It is not a race issue. It is a belief that this hundred years of oppression argument is not an excuse. That's where our difference lies. And to call someone racist for having that idea is to put it in your own words "stupid".

I have no issue with you calling me names. I am not overly offended. I simply think that its an indication of your inability to make a good argument. Simply calling me stupid does not make my arguments invalid. And neither does your cursing, Sir.

Whether McHale walks or not is not the only issue here. The people who beat him should be held liable for that.

Now I don't know exactly what you mean by one hundred years of oppression. Have all native indivuduals been oppressed for a hundred years. I sincerely doubt that any of the Warriors and Six Nations protesters are one hundred years old.

It is not as if native people can not own their own homes and land as well. The residential area where Gaultieri was building was homes for people. If a native wanted to buy one, that would be fine. That is how it works for everyone else, isn't it?

There is a question that comes to my mind now....

Out of all these oppressed natives who have individually lived through one hundred years of oppression, why is it that not all of them punch out car windows? Why is it that not all of them beat up Mr. Gaultieri? You would have me believe that this is just the natural reaction.

Realistically most of these natives at Caledonia have a pretty fair shot in things. They can get free education, no taxes and medicare to boot. So please show me how these natives in Caledonia have suffered more than anyone else at the hands of whitey. Are they being beaten? What exactly is happening to them that it is ok to beat McHale, or to put an elderly man in the hospital.

I know that if a Jewish person were to do such a thing he could not say "a few thousand years of oppression". That would not suffice. And I think in the US this would be stopped much quicker because they would not put up with this.

It is not racist to be of the belief that this oppression thing is not an excuse. Racist is the belief that another race is inferior. You will have to do better than that. You can continue to use the term and fling it all you like. It certainly doesn't bother me what you think. In the end though, your saying it does not make it matter how many times you yell it.

thwap said...

That was very eloquent. Also very stupid.

Especially this part:

"Now I don't know exactly what you mean by one hundred years of oppression. Have all native indivuduals been oppressed for a hundred years. I sincerely doubt that any of the Warriors and Six Nations protesters are one hundred years old."

This little bit of crapola is your sad attempt to get around historical reality.

You put a lot of effort into an exquisite exhibition of your ignorance, insensitivity, and hypocrisy. So I let it appear.

But this is not a forum for you to practice your holocaust denial and to exhibit your bullshit double standards.

You have time and time again tried to deny the significance of over a century's worth of injustice, and in the end, you are unable to convincingly establish that you are neither a racist or a moron.

I don't have time for any more of your shit. As you say, we could "debate" until the cows come home, but your head is lodged firmly up your ass, and there's nothing that I can do to help you. There's no point in your trying to type anything further. I certainly won't post it.