Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Iacobucci Internal Inquiry and Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission

So yesterday's post was a reflection of the inhuman heartlessness of Stephen Harper, who responds to allegations of child rape on the part of our Afghan allies with a bullshit public relations "investigation" that will take two fucking years, by which time, Harper's arbitrary election-timed announced withdrawl from the country will have begun. By which time, we'll have continued to assist the Afghan army become an effective fighting force that can maintain the rule of our puppet Karzai, his extortionist warlord allies, and which will be more able to rape children with impunity.

Leftists should focus more on communicating the absolute monstrousness of our system. From the Liberal Party of Canada's perpetuation of absolute poverty and misery on Aboriginal reserves, to the overthrow of democracy in Haiti, to increased homelessness and hopelessness for most Canadians, to the present Harper-Cons ...

In the news today, the Iacobucci INTERNAL Inquiry into government actions that point to Canadian government complicity in the torture of three Canadian citizens, Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad Abou-Elmaati and Muayyed Nureddin is to be released today.

It's probably going to be a thin gruel of rationalizations and stupidity. It's testimony to the cowardice of the Canadian state, covering its incompetence for sending three Canadians to hell.

Also, the Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission into Residential Schools has resigned, citing betrayal and disrespect from the two other commissioners. I don't know the history there, but Harper's treatment of the Commission has been abominable. He's deliberately restricted its funding, making it almost impossible to do its job.

This is about the Canadian state creating mass graves people. Harper's cynical bullshit is intolerable.


trog69 said...

Good aftermoon, Senor thwapo.

By a strange coinkidink, I happened to run across a documentary by a Mr. Kevin Annett called Unrepentent, which you may or may not have heard of or seen.

I can assure you that this story hasn't been heard by more than maybe 1% of the lower 48. I wish the movie were a tad shorter, since at just short of 2 hours, not very many people could sit through it all. I had to cut it short for a while, the stories told by those who attended those schools were so heartbreaking.

Humans are cruel and indifferent animals, and religion gives them a cover for atrocities.

Here's the site with the full-length video.(Don't even bother if you only have dial-up.)


thwap said...

Thanks for the link Mr. Trog69.

Kevin Annett is a controversial figure, but he's done a lot more good than harm. His exposure of these mass-graves was very necessary.

I think there's a talk from two residential school survivors in my town tonight. I hope to go.

Thanks for the link.