Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Unhappy With This Election

It's not as if I'm upset that the NDP are neck-and-neck for third place with the Liberals. All I really ever expect and hope for out of federal elections is that the NDP hold the balance of power in a Liberal minority government. (Obviously, my oft-stated desire that every party to the right of the NDP wither and die in irrelevance as the population wakes up to the fact that right-wing politics is inhuman and dependent upon ignorance and stupidity still holds. I'm just talking about realistic expectations.) What's upsetting me about this election is the utter pointlessness of it all and the way all the parties are contributing to this sense of intellectual and ideological malaise.

Harper has called an election because he's been trying to pinch in the shit that's dribbling out of him in fear of the likely recession that he knows he can't do anything about in 2009 when he was supposed to face the election according to his bullshit fixed-election "law." Why isn't he being hammered with this?? He says he's the best one to get us through any recession, but he's so lacking in confidence about this that he violated his own law (the "spirit" of it, since the "letter" of the law required a Constitutional amendment, but NOBODY WITH A BRAIN OR A CONSCIENCE gives a shit about his weasel-words) to avoid having to face the electorate. His own actions in calling this election show that he's lying.

Why isn't he being hammered harder on his economic incompetence? Jim Flaherty, his knuckle-dragging idiot of a finance minister, is already a demonstrated nitwit from his record of public-sector destruction, plummeting social indicators, and huge deficits in Ontario. As predicted, Flaherty has launched numerous revenue giveaways in order to cripple the federal government's ability to act effectively in the economy. We're in deficit territory and we've nothing to show for it. This moron is supposed to guide us through what might be a major economic downturn??

Why isn't Harper being hammered for his lies about a "dysfunctional parliament"? Why isn't he hammered for his handbook on parliamentary obstruction? Braindead shit-stain "Wayne" who used to frequent my comments section (before I smartened-up and banned him) assured me after talking to his automaton local "Conservative" MP that "all the other parties do it." Well, given that there's no record of similar shenanigans on the part of the other parties over the last thirty years at least, that's another goddamned lie. Why isn't Harper being slammed for his obvious contempt for the democratic process?

Why isn't he being hammered for his obvious elitism? Why isn't he being hammered for his election stunt treatment of Afghanistan? Including what commentator Beijing York said yesterday; that he's suspended combat operations for the election, so that Canadians can vote without the negative effect of young soldiers dying for nothing so that Stephen Harper can bloviate about Canada being on the "world stage" (killing innocent civilians)?

Why, why, why?

Why are the Liberals even a factor in this election? The party of the "Red Book" of broken promises. The party of year-after-year of "surprise" surpluses, all given away in tax-cuts (even if much of it came from "Employment Insurance" revenue) while healthcare, the environment, education, Aboriginal necessities, and on-and-on went begging?

Why is Stephane Dion supposed to be someone I can take seriously? Environment minister when we were supposed to be honouring our Kyoto commitments, our greenhouse gas emmissions went UP instead of down. That's called failure. Then he names a dog "Kyoto" and tells us to believe him now that he's in opposition. Then he comes out with a "Green Shift" (that might or might not be a good policy) which he stops pushing as soon as it appears difficult.

These fucking Liberals like to blame the NDP for bringing Stephen Harper to power, as if their playing chicken with public healthcare wasn't the reason Layton stopped propping them up. As if, just like Stephen Harper, they believe that the opposition is duty-bound to support them. As if their fall from power and failure in the subsequent election wasn't based on their arrogance and corruption and their own (and their leader Paul Martin's) ridiculousness as a government.

And why the fucking hell did Jack Layton stand by stammering idiot Andrew McKeever after his disgusting (to everyone on pretty much everything) outbursts online? Sure it's a free country and there's free speech and all, but McKeever doesn't have a right to represent anyone. Especially NDP voters who are all for treating women with respect and protecting US soldiers trying to avoid shooting up carloads of Iraqi families in an illegal war. Anyone believing in these values who ended up voting for McKeever would be getting the opposite of what they intended; a sexist, warmongering fascist. The NDP isn't hurting for cash that bad that they had to keep that piece of shit in the race to get some money from Elections Canada.

Gad. Is this all there is? Is this the best we can do?

There's no links with this post, because there's no time and I don't care. I just needed to rant.

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