Thursday, February 4, 2010

Khadr's Rights are Our Rights

KKKate MacMillan collapsed in front of the "Triple-K Biker-Bar and Wing-House" Thursday night, February 4th, 2010 as a result of a massive stomach ulcer caused by poisonous "suicide" chicken-wings and alcohol poisoning caused by drinking 8 pitchers of "Pabst Blue Ribbon" and a 26'r of Tequila.

Unfortunately for her, the ambulance crew that responded to the call for help was comprised of First Nations peoples with an interest in "radical" political reforms. They recognized the green, pulsating figure on the sidewalk as the CBC-featured blogger who had called for the re-opening of the residential schools (among other noxious outbursts) and they decided that she could get herself to the hospital.

Ms. MacMillan was driven to the hospital by passers-by (her "friends" having staggered off to another bar) and survived but with massive brain-damage (which curiously did not affect her blogging activities at all). Some relatives, sensing vaguely the opportunity for a large cash award, sued the government on her behalf, but they were deprived of the opportunity to cash-in at the tax-payers' expense because in the case of (Canada [Prime Minister]) vs Khadr, the Supreme Court of Canada had ruled that while we have a bunch of rights on paper, our governments are under no compulsion to have to actually enforce those rights. If government officials, from the Prime Minister down to building inspectors and by-law officers decide that they don't like you and don't feel like helping you, the law is powerless to assist you.

Asked for comment, the brain-damaged MacMillan said "The global-warming crowd is a cult. I'd like to kill all those hateful leftist pally-loving Chavista-fascists!"

It's a testimony to the fragility of our democracy that a government that has already prorogued parliament to save its skin in 2008, and which did so again in 2010 to try to stymie an investigation into its war crimes, is now being supported by roughly half the population of Canada for declaring that some Canadians, because of their actions and their political beliefs, can find that their constitutional rights have been rendered null and void.

Look, I know the sky is still blue, the grass is still green (or the snow is still white) even after all of harper's depredations. But for all the morons cheering on the destruction of our political rights and our democratic system of government: one day you might find yourselves unemployed, homeless and destitute and being beaten on by cops trying to keep you from bothering people with your "aggressive pan-handling." When you go to the police station to complain, and you get tasered and you're lying on the sidewalk breathing your last, you'll look up and the sky will still be blue then too.


skdadl said...

That is damned fantastic, thwap, a real classic. Well done.

thwap said...


I really can't stand those people.

no_blah_blah_blah said...

You nailed it: there is a reason why they're called "human rights" and not "human privileges".

Some people mistake "rights and responsibilities" as meaning rights can be rescinded (like privileges can) if responsibilities are not "met".

thwap said...

No blah,

Glenn Greenwald has a good post on a similar vein ...

Yes, it's a different country with a different constitution, but some underlying principles about humanity persist.