Friday, February 5, 2010

Weren't There Billions and Billions in Tax Cuts?

A quick question (prompted by discussion of Newfoundland and Labrador premier Danny Williams abruptly taking off for heart surgery in the United States recently): Haven't successive prime ministers and premiers since Brian Mulroney's era been cutting taxes? And haven't the bulk of these tax cuts gone to corporations and the wealthiest? And given that these tax cuts have utterly failed at turning Canada into a high-powered, "jobs for everyone" economic dynamo, and given the fact that our social indicators (including our public healthcare system) are falling, wouldn't it be a good idea to restore some of those taxes and spend them on hospitals, schools, roads, etc., rather than continuing to allow the wealthy to gamble with their ill-booten gotty in the financial markets to disastrous results?


Allan said...

Where did the money go?

double nickel said...

The shareholders, of course.

thwap said...

Then they lost it in the stock-market.