Friday, February 5, 2010

Note to MSM: The Tea-Baggers Can Be Ignored ...

... just like we were. You know us, we're the "unserious" people who were right about the FTA and NAFTA. Who were right about Afghanistan. Who were right about Iraq. Who were right about the Olympics. Who were right about Mike Harris.

You ignored us, and you cheer-led for disastrous economic policies and disastrous wars, and we were powerless to do much of anything about it.

But now, in the USA, there are hordes of people (a large minority of the minority of US-Americans who support the Republican Party USA) who are out in the streets in the thousands, screaming against bank bail-outs, deficit spending, healthcare reform, immigration, and the foreign birth of their present communist-fascist president. And for some reason, the MSM seems fixated with them.

Some of these people's grievances are real. But the movement taken as a whole is a mess of delusion, gullibility, bigotry and hypocrisy. More importantly, the movement as a whole is inconsequential. In our society, ordinary people have no power and elites are above the law. The Tea-Bagger movement could be easily ignored both by the Obama administration and by the mainstream media. They would bitch and moan on the internet and every once in a while gather together in public for an afternoon to holler and complain and then they'd go home.

Just like we did and do.

And then the elites would go on bailing out the banks, handing healthcare over to for-profit scum-bags, starting stupid wars and destroying the planet.

Let this gaggle of confused idiots vote for the Republicans, start their own party, or stay home and not vote. It doesn't matter. The Republicans might win a few, lose a few, but it's a one-party state in the USA. The Tea-Bag Party USA won't accomplish anything, and neither will not voting. The system will go on.

Just like we can continue to hope against hope and past evidence that the Liberal Party can prevail against its corporate masters, or continue to vote NDP in the faint hope that they'll be able to prop-up a Liberal minority government and mitigate the corporate onslaught (or win power in some province themselves and then NOT buy-in to all the neoliberal bullshit they criticize when out of power), or withhold our votes as if that fucking mattered.

But I get it MSM. You're going to continue to write about the Tea-Baggers as if they're important. As if they represent this groundswell of populist anger that Obama ignores at his peril. As if they're something more than the disaffected, idiot rump of a discredited Republican Party. Because these right-wing morons' delusions fit in well with the corporate project in general. Because listening to these numbskulls' ignorant ravings about deficit spending or raising taxes on the wealthy helps to sell the fiscal restraint that can then be used to justify further assaults on the social welfare system.

I get it. I'm not seriously asking you to be anything you're not. There's a reason that there's no Rush Limbaugh dominating the radio from the left. There's a reason there's no left-alternative to Bill O'Reilly on the cable-news. There's a reason there was no leftist Ann Coulter spewing out bile in newspaper columns. Just as there's a reason that an intelligent, honest man like Al Franken got called the equivalent of Rush Limbaugh. Or that the fact-based, intelligent Rachel Maddow or Keith Olberman get called the left's answer to O'Rielly. Or that Michael Moore is Ann Coulter's leftist twin (despite Moore's never calling for the blowing-up of FOX-NEWS headquarters, or for the assasination of politicians and judges that he doesn't like, or for the extermination of "conservatives" as a group).

So keep-on keeping-on with your Tea-Bagger stories. I'm not going to be confused. I'm not going to care. I'm not going to be deceived. But I don't matter. Nor does anybody else smart enough to see through this crude deception. But we don't matter.

As you were.

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