Monday, February 15, 2010

We Won't Stop Them ...

There's no real reason to get excited. Even if harper is sent packing, it'll be a Liberal minority. Just watch Michael "Internationalist" Ignatieff turn into harper-lite. Even if the NDP hold the balance of power, it'll be meaningless.

Who could truly believe that the NDP wouldn't suddenly become "responsible and pragmatic" when they're actually in a position to affect things?

But still, disciplining harper will temporarily slow them in their arrogance.


no_blah_blah_blah said...

The fact that politicians still worry about getting re-elected does mean that the electorate still holds sway over how the country is run (in four-year intervals or so, but still...).

While politicians can and do influence public opinion, an educated and active electorate can slowly move mountains. The problem, as usual, is the fact that a large segment of the public is politically atrophied and don't care.

Improved education is the first stepping stone toward greater reform. Make youth engaged, and having them think critically and not just remembering facts is important. Personally, I think that everyone should take a "Theory of Knowledge"/epistemology course for starters. Of course, this needs to be taught properly, or people may just end up ignoring facts at will and rationalizing their own imaginary "realities".

thwap said...

I think we'll need herculean efforts to transform this political culture.

We have to get everyone aware, all at once, and dedicated to making a change.

Then we have to have some real understanding about how change is made.

But when, in this country, national revulsion towards the harpercons only translates into higher support for the disgusting Liberal Party, that's when I realize how hopeless things are at present.

FFIB NAMOL said...

When has it never been, voting for the lessor of two evils or I presume three in our case. Harper has just made the choice easier, I'll live with an evil and hapless NDP.