Saturday, July 17, 2010

Free From Arbitrary Search and Seizure

"Human Rights" are a legal construct. But our enjoyment of our human rights are one of the claims that Canada's rulers have to justify their legitimacy and our system's legitimacy. Unless we (at least) stand and be counted as saying that we protest the blatant violation of these rights (as occurred in Toronto at the G20) our leaders will decide that they don't really have to respect these rights, in times of crisis or at any other time.

I'll be at the rally at Queen's Park, Toronto today at 1pm. Just standing to be counted.

Because, stephen, Dalton, the police, ... things can cut both ways. If you guys decide that our rights as citizens and the rule of law are optional, then you have no authority and you can't claim any respect for your rights.


skdadl said...

Have a good day, thwap -- wish I could join you. Give Dalton the finger for me.

thwap said...

Will do.