Monday, July 12, 2010

Miley Cyrus

Okay. Full disclosure. I'm 43 or 44 (can't remember at the moment) and I never heard Billy Ray Cyrus's "Achy-Brakey Heart." (I never heard "The Macarena" either. What can I say?) For what it's worth, I was also under the impression that Billy Ray Cyrus got ripped-off by his record company and then blew what money he did make by knocking-up several women on his concert tour.

To which I thought "too bad" because I was charmed by his role as "the pool boy" in David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive."

So, when I started to hear about somebody called "Hannah Montana," followed by whispered rumours that she was played by somebody called "Miley Cyrus" I wondered if she was one of Billy Ray's numerous love-children. Turns out he didn't spawn an enormous brood of genetic diversity while on the road but this Miley Cyrus character really is his daughter.

Why am I writing any of this? Because as I said yesterday, Canada's democracy is a fucking joke. The harpercons are covering up evidence of the serious poisoning of water sources as a result of the Tar Sands project because they're bought-and-paid for oil industry shills. Canadians Charter Rights and Freedoms were blatantly abused at the Toronto G20. Haitian democracy was crushed under "Mr. Dithers." Our parliamentarians deliberately blocked the testimony of Colombian human rights activists at the hearings for the Canada-Colombia "free trade" deal. We, as a nation are complicit in torture in Afghanistan, in the effort to prop-up a torturing, thieving, drug-running, government of pedophiles on them and most Canadians didn't care when harper flat-out refused to obey Parliament's right to know what the government is doing during one of the rare moments when our opposition showed a spine. All this happened and Canadians just stood there in the "Tim Horton's" parking lot sipping on "double-doubles" or "triple-triples" and discussed lottery numbers and the NHL.

So, maybe i should turn my blog into a celebrity gossip site. Or maybe i could give crowd control advice to our corporate governments. Stick a poster of Miley Cyrus up on one of those over-crowded, hetero-men's only cages at the G20 mass-arrests, ... maybe a bitching blue-ray (whatever the fuck that means) flat-screen tv in there, and they could have whiled away their incarceration talking about whether Miley Cyrus was something special or just some kid who doesn't hold a candle to Tuesday Weld or some other stupid shit like that.


J. A. Baker said...

Because as I said yesterday, Canada's democracy is a fucking joke.

Hey, compared to the lame excuse of a sick fucking joke that is American democracy, Canada's a fucking paradise, dude. :-)

thwap said...

J. A. Baker,

Take a long hard look at our future.

Patrick Ross said...
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thwap said...


You can read this:

But you're banned, you rancid slab of beef.