Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Miami Model

Today, why don't we all google "miami model protests" (or "miami model - [anything else]") and see what we find. Because I just know that we'll find great stuff to read.

Because, you know, I think our protests as they stand, are useless. We stand around and chant, the elites ignore us with impunity, and then, either some genuine direct-action types, provocateurs, or vandals of some persuasion or other, break something somewhere and the media creams its jeans obsessing about the breakage.

But apparently, even the IDEA of protest fills our elites with a violent nausea. (Shit! The very idea of parliamentary democracy fills harper with disgust!) And they're doing everything they can to discourage protests. And so, while the ignorant, authoritarian-minded, apathetic, complacent fools go about whatever it is they do, the decent, principled people become more and more afraid to protest the policies that are killing us all.

I want to go to today's Queen's Park rally for a public inquiry into this monstrosity.


Sir Francis said...

Hey Thwap! Happy Dominion/Canada Day (despite everything...)!

thwap said...

Hi Sir Francis,

Thanks. Good to hear from someone who knows what "Canada Day" is supposed to be about.