Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miley Cyrus Rules For-evah!!!!!

Here's a little something from the mail-bag that was written by a regular reader who appreciates my present fixation with Miley Cyrus:
I see you have finally hit the brick wall where our zombie nation is concerned.
If you look beside you that dried brownish blood stain is where I hit the wall a while back.
The Armenian mystic G.I. Gurdjieff once spoke of "suffering consciously" as a tool to utilize in the burning off of illusion and working towards an objective and unfettered view of true reality.
Now that any lingering doubt that you may have had about how truly fucked this nation is due to our hordes of couch cattle and their deference for our politics, political system and the thugs who crush skulls to protect and maintain it, suffer consciously.
I really am suffering. I have always felt like Canada's was a compromised democracy, but it's just gotten ridiculous people. We overthrew the elected government of Haiti! (No penalties for any of the war criminals involved.) We've yawned in the face of fellow Canadians being tortured at our government's request in their idiotic "War on Terror." We've yawned or APPROVED, ... fuck there are even some lowly pieces of filth who APPROVE of the torture of Maher Arar and other innocent Canadians!! ... of the torture of Afghan citizens. ... The fact that we've countenanced this abomination, this war on the people of Afghanistan (defended by the most flimsiest of pretexts) for over ten years is enough to make me weep for this country.

... I've been told that for some ordinary people, the torturing of strangers by their government, doesn't really affect their comfort zone because it's all too abstract for them. I thought the ability to grasp abstractions, ... and more, the ability to live up to abstract principles was one of the signs of a mature individual and a mature society. ... I guess what I'm saying is that I didn't think we were all that stupid (those of us who aren't just disgusting idiots).

I tell you, ... when the "security" at the G20 ALLOWED the vandals to smash windows (including the ones the police PAID to smash windows) ... I really didn't think the majority of Canadians would be so clueless, apathetic, just plain stupid, authoritarian-minded enough to believe that the next day's trampling of innocent protesters' Charter rights and freedoms was somehow "justified" but that's where we are people. The majority of Canadians ... or enough Canadians to matter, ... are so fucking stupid that they can't see they've been played.

That when one-billion dollars is spent and the riot occurs anyway, you'd think the people would be enraged at police FAILURE, not SUPPORTIVE of police trampling of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This isn't fucking rocket-science!!

Besides which, the financial cost of the smashed windows could not have been far in excess of one-million dollars, which again, would show the stupid wastefulness of harper's ego-fest.

Blah, blah, blah. So I sit here, waiting for the pointless "drama" of harper versus Ignatieff to grind to its meaningless conclusion.


no_blah_blah_blah said...

Since I failed to cheer you up last time with my ludicrously-positive spin, I'll join you in the despondent seething.

Since the Afghan detainee issue threatened to knock the Conservatives out of the lead in polls, it has seemed that the Conservatives have been trying extra hard to push their agenda as quickly as possible. It simultaneously has seemed that they have been doing more and more outrageous things (billion-dollar-plus G20 security is the most obvious example) to probe public reaction.

It might even be a case of trying to desensitize the electorate. Do enough crap and it all starts to blend together into the background.

It's as if the Conservatives are now preparing for worst case scenario (for them, anyway): being kicked out of power. As such, they are trying to gather as much information and get as much done in preparation for the "next round".

It leaves me wondering what will actually get the public caring.

thwap said...

You're right. They're trying to change the culture, ... push it in their direction, ... towards the garbage dump.

They're cunning enough in their stupidity (because, since I don't believe in "evil" I think that the only excuse for this political ideology is shallow greed, stupid racism, plodding traditionalism, and simple stupidity), I know that they're conscious of the fact that their plans for privatizing health care are unpalatable to the majority of Canadians and they plan to do it step-by-step.

In the same way, they're trying to do it to the Canadian sense of justice. They're telling the worst of us, or they're appealing to the worst in all of us, as quickly as possible, to turn this country into something absolutely disgusting.

And most Canadians think it's all just something on the television news. Human beings seem to have always been unable to process much beyond their own immediate experience, but today, it's so easy to think it's all just a story, made-up somewhere. Or now, it's all just a game, and if you lose, you just pick "play again" and start all over.

But it's real. And it's happening to them and they've already been impacted. (Of course, they've been trained to blame it on the immigrants and the welfare queens.)