Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jim Flaherty, Fry-Cook Trainee (in Prison)

One of the latest outbursts from Jim ("Low-Functioning") Flaherty is that white-collar professionals should take the first job that comes along rather than stay on EI and look for work more commensurable with their skills and training.

That's rich coming from a complete shit-head like Flaherty. Stupid fucker didn't notice the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression and predicted surpluses into the foreseeable future. When the right-wing gravy-train runs out of bullshit fuel, if Flaherty isn't 67 by then (and the gnome looks like he's in his seventies but for his costume-shop hair-piece) he'll have to find work at a level with his skills, experience and raw brain power. Hence the title of this post.

Why prison? Well, unlike stephen harper and peter mackay, flaherty doesn't have a lot of blood on his hands. He's just criminally stupid.

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