Saturday, May 26, 2012

What PLG Said

So I'd like to suggest that next time around, or for that matter this time around (Syria) we just keep in mind how, no matter how good the spin for any given military intervention seems to be, it is almost certainly a really horrible, evil idea, insane from the perspective of anything except advancing imperialism. The complexities of such situations are dwarfed by the mindboggling nastiness that will be the result of imperialist intervention. There are vanishingly few situations so bad that military intervention by the US and hangers-on such as Canada can't make them heartbreakingly worse.
Indeed. It's amazing how even progressives forget that our political masters are inhuman scum-bags when it comes to foreign policy. For some reason, we imagine that they're genuinely concerned with ending human suffering somewhere in the world when their full-time job is CAUSING human suffering.

It's not even the case that they can "do the right thing for the wrong reasons." That assumes that the US government doesn't have the intention and the means to convert any country into a corrupt puppet-state that milks its own resources and neglects its own population in return for US military support and a cut of the swag.

I get the idea that decent people want to bring an end to cruelty and oppression and it feels wrong to simply shrug our shoulders when the corporate media presents us with some apparently hideous atrocity somewhere. But here is stage 1 of any foreign intervention paid for with our tax dollars: Overthrow our present political system and replace all the scum-bag politicians with genuine democrats, fix our own problems first, and then join any necessary coalition that is itself comprised of genuinely democratic governments. [If the people of the USA did that, a lot of the world's dictatorships would crumble automatically having been deprived of their means of support.]

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