Monday, May 28, 2012

Where are the libertarians on Bill 78?

Genuine question. Have any of our right-wing libertarian friends spoken out against Charest's "emergency" law, Bill 78? The one that makes any "demonstration" of 50 people or more illegal if they're held without the state's permission?

Something else to be alarmed at: As capitalism goes down the shitter, so too does liberalism's precious "rule of law" and everything else. Because remember that activist and ally of the First Nations (perhaps the most pernicious threat to Canadian capitalism really) Alex Hundert got arrested for violating his bail conditions by attending a discussion panel and that some fascist scum subsequently portrayed that panel discussion as a "demonstration." I'd say that sets an ominous precedent, especially given fascist legislation like Bill 78.

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Owen Gray said...

Bill 78 is clearly unconstitutional. The sooner the Quebec Bar Association takes it to court, the better.