Thursday, May 17, 2012

OIPRD "Slams" Police Actions at G20 (and is subsequently forgotten)

Hot on the heels of the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP's exoneration of their own behaviour at the Toronto G20, the Ontario government's Office of the Independent Police Review Director has released its own report stating the obvious: That the police behaved abominably.

Toronto Police Service Chief Bill Blair mouthed some platitudes about how they clearly made some mistakes in an "unprecedented situation" and that's the level of police accountability in this province. At least Blair isn't able to set a copy of the report on fire with his cigar and laugh contemptuously before the news cameras. Just like the Ontario Ombudsman's trashing of the abuses under the Public Works Protection Act, this report will make the news for half-a-week and will have zero impact on neo-liberal authoritarian governments.

It's very simple: Scum-bags like Dalton McGuinty and stephen harper know that things are going to get shittier for everybody. Part of their scheme involves distracting the more stupid and cowardly among us with scape-goats (the unemployed, immigrants, Muslims, etc.,) and letting the rest of us know that the cops will club us, imprison us and humiliate us if we ever step out of line.

There will be no accountability for the police for their behaviour and there are no consequences for harper's or McGuinty's criminality either.

All of this is helped by bullshit "progressives" who write that even something as insignificant as throwing a rock through a window "justifies" a subsequent police crackdown. We are well and truly up shit's creek and we have a paddle which we're using to move with the current.

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Owen Gray said...

This story has ripples far beyond Toronto, thwap. Every Canadian should be ashamed at the response which was encouraged and enabled by the powers that be.