Monday, November 26, 2012


Alberta, to the extent that the petroleum economy and its rural base makes it prone to embrace "free markets" and social conservatism, needs to be controlled. The same way that Bay Street parasites in Ontario who vote harpercon need to be controlled.

By "controlled" I mean that their self-destructive political choices (the Tar Sands are contributing to civilization threatening climate change, their "free market" provincial and federal politicians are selling off their resource for a pittance compared to other jurisdictions, and their deregulatory fervor has produced mad cow and listeriosis and the debt-fueled real estate boom) (social conservatism is based on a lack of reality-based inputs which makes people believe in nonsensical gender stereotypes and religious delusions among other things) have to be blocked from harming both them and us.

But this needs to be done within the realm of respectful debate. We shouldn't demonize an entire region just because social-economic factors have caused them to embrace (on the whole) unpalatable and dangerous political delusions.

As a downtown pinko from Ontario, of working class origins, I don't demonize US Americans, suburbanites or Westerners as a people. I have started to demonize Canadians as ignorant and apathetic and occasionally selfish and greedy buffoons, but, obviously "Canadian" is a demographic that I belong to.


meadowlark said...

Canada won't be our country for long.
Harper has given China our resources and our resource jobs. China is bringing over their own people to work our resources.

Gordon Campbell, Harper's favorite henchman, sold BC's resources to Red China too. There are going to be more Chinese brought to work our BC mining jobs. Campbell only stipulated, China to send their people to school, to learn 100 English words, so they can take the BC mining jobs. Seems the BC citizens, have to speak Mandarin to work in our own provinces mines. Campbell also shipped our BC mines to China, along with our raw logs.

So any provinces with a lick of sense, will get the hell out of Harper's Canada, or be given to Red China by Harper. BC is already thieved, sold and lost to China already.

Owen Gray said...

All it will take is enough like minded citizens, thwap. The turnout in yesterday's Calgary byelection is not a good omen.