Wednesday, November 21, 2012


What can we do? We can't even guarantee free and fair elections in our own country. We can't get our own government to respect the source of its own authority. How the fuck are we supposed to get our illegitimate government to do the right thing on Gaza? Instead, we have our coward Fucking Affairs Minister John Baird babbling like the idiot he is:
Hamas is targeting innocent civilians with an onslaught of rockets. It’s a despicable act of terror, and yet, as Israel responds, as it has every right to, it is the target of condemnation. Canada, however, stands by Israel’s side.

I have never been prouder to be a member of Stephen Harper’s team; I have never felt a greater honour.
Baird's bullshit "honour" is really the enthusiasm and boastful braggadacio of a bully.

Obviously we can't stop Israel. What clout do Canadian progressives have over racist Zionist politicians in Israel? We can't stop the USA's support of Israel. The majority of US "progressives" can't process that Obama is their enemy.

We have to focus on our own backyard first. We have to get the power to affect things here. And that means defeating the harpercons here. Defeating them and destroying them as a political force.


bcwaterboy said...

Would be nice to see a coordinated effort to unseat con MP's in key ridings. Would be a dream come true here in the Okanagan to unseat Cannon and Albas in the Central Okanagan. Both utterly clueless on just about every issue. The many elderly veterans in the region are getting a little more agitated with being thrown under the bus by these morons so who knows.

Owen Gray said...

One hopes that Baird's pride at being a Harper Conservative will come back to haunt him, thwap.

thwap said...

bc waterboy and Owen Gray,

There is no defensible reason to stick with a party so obviously contemptuous of the democratic traditions our veterans either stood on guard for or fought and even died for.

There is no way that we can tolerate this regime and still call ourselves a democratic people.