Saturday, November 24, 2012

Would You?

If someone cheated at cards and you know they cheated, would you allow them to keep your money? Would you allow them to keep your money and then play against them at a later date under the same conditions?

Would you allow someone who wants you dead to make your health care decisions for you? Would you allow someone who wants you dead and someone who is a stupid ignoramus to make your life or death decisions for you?

Would you tolerate it if someone stole from you and the police were bought-off or corrupt in some other way and simply refused to investigate?

Would you tolerate it if the police refused to investigate and the judge who tried your case was corrupt?

That's what we, as Canadians, have been putting up with for a long time now.

In related news, The Sixth Estate makes fun of Elections Canada's revolting attempt to foster a dialogue on "lessons learned" about the un-investigated stolen election of 2011.


Beijing York said...

But the CON and MSM defense is that you didn't lose any more money than you would have playing a better player or you proved heartier than the doctor had hoped and are still alive or that land was mortgaged to the hilt and you would have lost it to the banks anyway.

So if only a handful of voters were denied their voting franchise, no big deal because it didn't really impact the election outcome... or so it goes. Still, I'm hoping the Council of Canadians' case is successful despite EC attempts to derail the process.

thwap said...

Lucky for us that we're not going to allow the MSM or the harpercons to decide for us whether or not to be outraged.

To hell with 'em.