Sunday, November 11, 2012

Facing Up to Reality

Today's blog post deals with accepting the significance of the situation. It seems that it's only in politics that we acquiesce to the most blatant cheating and criminality. We put up with all sorts of bullshit because we can't fathom doing what is necessary to respond appropriately.

Let's be clear: Even if harper didn't steal his majority (and he did) he's on record as showing he has nothing but contempt for the institution of Parliament. His [stolen] domination of the majority of seats in Parliament is the source of his authority but he didn't respect it when he had a majority. As I said in the aftermath of the 2011 federal election, his electoral supporters either didn't care about this (showing their own contempt for Parliament) or they were ignorant of this. (And who would trust their future to an ignoramus?)

The longer we tolerate this, the less right we have to declare ourselves a democratic people.

Let's be clear: stephen harper has no claims on our obedience. His omnibus legislation has no legitimacy. Once we have toppled him from power they must be declared null and void.

Let's be clear: Even if stephen harper wasn't down on paper as being contemptuous of Parliament, he stole his majority. 6,000 votes, scattered across the country while at the same time people were sent to fake addresses for polling stations to discourage them from voting. Conservative party goons disrupted polling stations to discourage voters. And, for reasons of innocent incompetence on the part of Elections Canada, or Conservative Party sabotage, we have at least one sitting harpercon MP who owes his seat to voters who nobody can account for.

Elections Canada has proven itself to be dithering, dilatory and useless institution. Captured and beholden to the very man it is supposed to be investigating.

The Supreme Court of Canada has shown itself willing to disgrace itself to protect stephen harper.

These institutional safeguards, and others like the RCMP, are corrupt and useless. Our institutions are failed. We are tolerating an illegitimate regime.

People condemned Omar Khadr for not having rejected his father and his father's teachings. But here we are, continuing to obey corrupt law-makers who are abusers of democracy.

Get it through your heads that rebellion is the only democratic response to these outrages.


Beijing York said...

Michele Jean opened this pandora's box of corruption. I wonder if she ever loses sleep over her part in this theft of democracy.

thwap said...

I don't think she cares about Canada all that much. No more than she cares about Haiti.

Saskboy said...

So then it becomes a question of this:
Are people biding their time, or are they accepting the situation, and does one lead into the other at some point?

the salamander said...

I'm working on a simpler concept Thwap ..
A rebellion ? Not so much ...
A gathering ? Very much
Many many gatherings.. oh very much so ...

Milk the Media

perhaps you could critique-offer suggestion..
shoot down in flames is OK too
I aint yet figured out how to use 'moo' in the idea

You'll find my 2nd sketch re Milk the Media as well as the entwined idea of riding by riding guerilla gatherings in a comment at

I first thought of the idea to encourage 100 to 250 people to sit in front of Joe Oliver's front door, in his riding.. on lawn chairs, with thermos' or coffee from Tim's.. just to get his attention. Like .. 'HELLO !'

I mean here is a retired investment banker suddenly pimping the tar sands uber alles and pipelines to Kitimaat.. with his new friend Stephen Harper ... What ?

So, in the same spirit as Franke James works..
I looked for humor.. I'm a huge believer is the mischievous power of satire

I thought of public performance.. citizen action

I thought of laughter on the street, discussion, home cooked muffins, blankets, freedom of speech, Canadians communicating.. tweeting and meeting .. neighbors and complete strangers.. young Canadian kids, our precious elders .. I dreamed of how the media would be herded by this.. directed by this. I thought how people around the world would see this happening in Canada.. maybe even without pots and pans

I thought how old Joe, an elder himself.. should be aware that we know how he perceives and insults Haida elders .. we're aware of his involvement in secret deals with China.. There's lots that Joe Oliver needs to think over.. maybe he should retire suddenly or try another career.. cuz he's working way too hard on a lead role, in a legacy of infamy..

We are not a database.. or an economic experiment ..
we are a people .. this is our home and native land

Milk the Media